lawfare unmasked in brazil

Thus, despite PSDB's center-left origins, the party's 2014 run-off campaign already resembled feverish against communism and corruption, one that resented PT's progressive policies for granting Brazil's poor and non-white majorities access to social spheres that had excluded them airports, and..

beyond bolsonaro: a freedom surge in brazil – acton

Brazil imported the number of slaves from Africa, and one of the last countries in the hemisphere to abolish slavery, in 1888.. ... To realize just how left wing most politics are Brazil, the social party PSDB, is considered to be center right in the political spectrum.. ..

why is brazil so american?

To make the worse, last May, the president of Brazil visited Texas and saluted American flag just before giving his speech. Nevertheless, it's also true that until November 1889, when Brazil became Republican Nation and looked upon U.S. ..

brazil: mothers at risk of illegal detention

In February 2018 ruling, Brazil's Supreme Court required house arrest instead of pretrial detention in jails for women, mothers of children or adults with disabilities, and mothers of children under 12, unless judges found the circumstances of the case to be very exceptional.. ..

triggering police violence in brazil

Also in 2017, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights condemned two cases of police Brazil. IACHR also highlighted the fact that police violence is human rights issue Brazil that affects black and poor communities in particular. ..

ex-students attack school in brazil, 8 dead

student cries outside Raul Brasil State School Suzano, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Wednesday, March 13, 2019. ... SUZANO Brazil — Two masked men armed with guns, knives, axes and crossbows descended on in southern Brazil on Wednesday, killing five students and two adults before..

brazil: analysing the bolsonaro government

Andre Ferrari, LSR (CWI in Brazil) . . . . . . . . . . Almost 2 months since he came to power, Jair Bolsonaro has confirmed all the worst expectations in relation to his government. .   . ... As well as this is the absurd alignment of Brazil with the attacks of imperialism against..

patricia de santana pinho: traveling brazil

Toward the end of the 1990s, known as the lost decade, cinema began to represent Brazil as shantytown. ... Despite Brazil's appeal to such wide range of tourists, the recent turn of events has unleashed crisis of unprecedented proportions that may have, among other consequences, effects..

the human rights promise for brazil

it does not exclude military police officers, who Brazil are can be subjected to disproportionate punishments if they advocate police reform or criticize officer or government decision.. And it includes women, who Brazil continue to earn far than men. Yet, despite CNJ's order, more..

bolsonaro's threat to brazil

The president-elect, guided by his Paulo Guedes, is promising liberalisation of Brazil's economy, continuing the post-coup program of the president, Michel Temer.. In 2003, Lula became PT president to take Brazil, and initiated 13 years of PT governments Brazil .. ..

argentina compared to brazil

I will follow up with articles looking at Japan and Asia and Turkey and its region. 2014 Peter Zeihan Provided More Details of His Fall of Brazil and Rise of Argentina. ... Brazil went to -3.5% GDP and Argentina went to -4% GDP.. So Zeihan is implying that with US out as cop that..

how did a monster come to power in brazil?

Rising from the margins of Brazil's, Bolsonaro won 57.8 million votes, or 55.1 percent of the total, in election against Fernando Haddad, Workers Party candidate. ... With Rousseff out of the way, Michel Temer, launched series of austerity measures aimed at cutting social spending, lowering taxes..

bonapartism returns to brazil

There is little to in the victory of former Jair Bolsonaro Brazil's presidential elections. He promises brand of harsh authoritarianism, talking up the potential use of torture, empowering the police to shoot criminals, and, just to add lustre to the fist, waxing about Brazil's golden age..

fascism and brazil

The middle class has embraced this narrative and the limits of discourse have long been broken there are mentions of the threat of communism, Cuban model, PT Venezuelan meltdown as future for Brazil.. ..

brazil in danger: three time bombs

It consisted in making Brazil's Armed Forces the guarantor of the defense against foreign threats, and the guarantor of the domestic order. ... Dark Money., n on PBS recently, can conclude that fakenews Brazil is the translation into Portuguese of the news circulated by dark money in..

brazil election campaign preparing rise of right-wing

Brazil election campaign preparing rise of right-wing government . By Miguel Andrade . 24 September 2018 . ... After the knife attack on September 6, Bolsonaro remained in semi-intensive care for two weeks and is still a patient in one of the favorite private hospitals of Brazil’s wealthy..

time for brazil to wake up

True, Brazil, mainly on the periphery of cities and among drugs cartels, is rife and among those making fortune out of drugs and the misery of others, the value of life is meaningless.. ... Workers Party did more form Brazil the dictatorship deprived Brazil of its chance to..

african cultural heritage in brazil

In 1637, during Dutch of Brazil, Prince Mauricio de Nassau hired artist, Albert Eckhout, to produce some paintings portraying the world. ... Even today, the majority of Brazilians of African origin remain at the bottom of Brazil's pyramid. ..

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