the myth of white genocide

In May 2018, Roets took his own trip to America where, Washington, D.C., he bumped into U.S., John Bolton, at event and gave him book he'd authored on farm murders, titled Kill Boer,  accusing the government of being complicit in the attacks. . ..


TEHRAN - Twitter removed post on Arabic of Iran's Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei John Bolton, and Mike Pompeo... TEHRAN - Washington has stepped up its airstrikes and raids targeting Taliban leadership and militants Afghanistan in bid to obtain leverage peace talks with the..

the wsj on us war plans against iran

Journal said Bolton's request came location of the US embassy, ing Iran-affiliated group was responsible, adding the incident triggered alarm Washington... Bolton considered tough response to Green Zone incident, including what many saw as the unusual request for options to..

david davenport

Bolton said sanctions against members of the Court might be applied. . . ... Washington Examiner . Tuesday, September 11, 2018 . National security adviser John Bolton stirred the international waters this week by calling out the International Criminal Court for what it is and has..

trump's counterproductive decision to "terminate" the

WASHINGTON DC, Oct 24 2018 - Under the influence of his new National Security Advisor, John Bolton, Trump announced Saturday at campaign rally that he will terminate nuclear arms control agreement that helped end Cold War race Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty in response to..

israel’s anti-semitism smear campaign

has he cut off U.S contribution to UN efforts to provide life services to Palestinian refugees in other words, to mitigate some of the worst consequences of U.S backed Israeli ethnic cleansing and now, probably at John Bolton's direction, he is closing down PLO's mission Washington, and..

bolton conciliatory at hearing

WASHINGTON — Striking conciliatory tone, John Bolton pledged Monday to work to forge new, relationship between United States and United Nations if he is approved to be the emissary to the international organization.. ..

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