‘john bolton tried to assassinate me’

They report to say negative things order to support the strategy and to mislead and manipulate the reality of our country, of Cuba, of Nicaragua, of Latin America, of independent countries that act Latin America.. John Bolton, this KKK extremist, and Elliott Abrams, this KKK extremist..

the future of war

none of it very informative, the discussion comes to no one wants to end up at war - except maybe John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence and millions of other rapture warriors. . Iran, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Vietnam, Chile, Granada, Zaire Congo, Brazil, Iraq, Syria, Libya, North..

prison planet.com » first venezuela, now nicaragua?

US President Donald Trump's top John Bolton appears dead set on resuming his decades-long stand-off with Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega, hinting that Washington-backed regime change may be in the offing... ... Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba saying the states represented a..

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