trump fires bolton as national security adviser

Bolton, known for his hardline approach to U.S adversaries including Iran, North Korea and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, was the third person to occupy White House's highest-ranking job under Trump... Minutes after Trump's announcement, Bolton contradicted the president on..


Last week, the Venezuelan president noted that he had evidence, proving that US National Security Adviser John Bolton had masterminded the 2018 attempted assassination of the Venezuelan leader. In December 2018, Maduro accused Bolton of preparing a plan to overthrow and kill him. . ..

john bolton inadvertently quotes hitler

Perhaps one of Washington insiders calling for American against Venezuelan of Nicholas Maduro, is National Security Advisor John Bolton, pad to media during press conference with the words 5,000 U.S troops to Columbia in plain sight for the world to see.. ... Bolton believes that..

venezuela and the birth of the american empire

John Bolton, President Donald Trump’s national security advisor, took to Twitter recently to disparage the regime of Nicolás Maduro. ... Bolton vowed that the detention of opposition leader Juan Guaido’s chief of staff would “not go unanswered.” ..

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