john bolton's political death

Democratic Bernie Sanders responds to New York Times report about Trump administration's potential plan to send thousands of troops to Middle East, saying John Bolton was one of the architects of Iraq... Bolton was proponent of Iraq War and he has never evinced any..

trump, bolton and the syrian confusion

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By groups affiliated with the, few months later,   US Congressman Ted Poe introduced a bill in House of Representatives calling upon the government of Iraq to compensate the former residents of Camp Ashraf for their assets seizedGovernment of Iraq... Bolton had in the same..

a vital primer on the push for war in iran

Commenting on National Security Advisor John Bolton’s defense of the invasion of Iraq, Freeman says “The neoconservative group think their good ideas were poorly implemented in Iraq,” and that the lesson of the 2003 invasion that killed upwards of 500,000 people and destabilized an..

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