senior obama cyber official lobbying for china

White House National Security Adviser John Bolton identified China as the actor that conducted the OPM cyber attack in announcing a new strategy against cyber espionage in September. ... Intelligence officials believe China is using the records stolen from the OPM for both human..


Rodriguez, pinned blame on  the trio of misfortune, perversity and criminality   namely US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, National Security Advisor John Bolton, and Republican Senator Marco Rubio.. Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, Cuba, Bolivia and of other states have, in the meantime,..

what about predatory washington??

Bolton admits as much when he calls the administration's new plan response to predatory practices pursued by China and Russia stunt economic growth Africa threaten the independence of African nations inhibit opportunities for U.S investment interfere with U.S military operations and pose..

presstv-russia mulls opening military base in africa

US National Security Adviser John Bolton accused Moscow and Beijing of using “corrupt” and “predatory” practices to gain an economic advantage over Washington in Africa. . “They [China and Russia] are deliberately and aggressively targeting their investments in the region to gain a..

u.s. to counter china, russia influence in africa -

WASHINGTON - The United States plans to counter the rapidly expanding economic and political influence of China and Russia Africa, U.S John Bolton said on Thursday... ... President Donald Trump's John Bolton speaks during press briefing at White House Washington, U.S., November..

us, china agree to trade war ceasefire

US President Donald Trump, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, US President Donald Trump's John Bolton Argentina this Dec 1 photo -- REUTERS.. BUENOS AIRES — China and United States agreed to in their bitter trade war on Saturday including no escalated tariffs on Jan 1.. ..

debt, death, and the us empire

Instead, the slide has been the result of fears over increase in interest rates and the continued trade tensions with China. . While Bolton’s warning about the debt is self-serving, it is accurate in the sense that the US Empire which, in part, he directs is ultimately dependent on the..

trump trashes another treaty

National Security Adviser John Bolton, meet Moscow, Russia October 23, 2018. Even calculating for the rising threat from China, leaving INF puts United States in worse strategic position than if it were to stay in.. ..

trump follows, dprk-iran lead

By contrast, his hostility to Iran is unremitting more sanctions are coming on stream, Trump's two speeches at the UN this week focused on the threat from Tehran, theme also of John Bolton. neither does it please the other parties to JCPOA United Kingdom, France, Russia, China and..

bolton hits chinese for hack of opm records

White House National Security Adviser John Bolton confirmed this week that China carried out the cyber attack on Office of Personnel Management in the theft of more than 22 million sensitive records on American government officials.. ... Bolton is important for U.S adversaries to..

u.n. meets immovable force

United States would back targeted sanctions, such as restricting the travel of certain Iranian officials or trade equipment that could be used for civilian or military purposes, Bolton said. China's U.N., Wang Guangya, talk of sanctions and military measures was counterproductive. ..

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