war crimes and national security

As national security adviser John Bolton declared last fall, the International Criminal Court constitutes “an assault on the constitutional rights of the American people and the sovereignty of the United States.” . ... The “largely unspoken, but always central,..

the call to conscience committee takes aim at elliott abrams

But efforts like that of the Call to Conscience will benefit from internationalism and tireless truth-telling about Elliott Abrams’ well-established record—which he couldn’t refute before the Foreign Affairs Committee, instead angrily displaying ends-justify-the-means Cold War defensiveness, putting on..


The administration of US President Donald Trump has previously rebuked and questioned the International Criminal Court. One of National Security adviser John Bolton's first speeches was about the ICC, condemning its investigation into US personnel. . ..

international organizations

This week, White House national security adviser John Bolton attacked the International Criminal Court. ... The Court Should Decline The Challenge. . . . . National Security Advisor John Bolton criticized the International Criminal..

international law

National Security Advisor John Bolton criticized International Criminal Court in speech before Federalist Society. ... With John Bolton both United States and International Criminal Court should take steps to avoid collision. . ..

us takes aim at the international criminal court

Yesterday, US John Bolton denounced International Criminal Court, announcing in speech that Trump administration would no cooperate with the court and rattling off number of threats should ICC investigations reach US, Israeli or other allied country citizens.. ..

gatestone institute

The International Criminal Court: A Failed Experiment . by Ahmed Charai  •  September 19, 2018 at 8:00 pm . ... The International Criminal Court (ICC) is 'already dead to us' National Security Adviser John Bolton told the Federalist Society..

afghanistan analysts network

President Trump's National Security Advisor, John Bolton, has made withering attack on International Criminal Court, threatening prosecutions against personnel and retaliation against any country cooperating with the Court if it 'goes after America. Bolton's..


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