‘my button works!’

Like Trump, both Pompeo and Bolton are hawks who believe in American primacy. ... In Bolton, Trump has appointed a man with a similarly impetuous and explosive temperament whom neither Mattis nor Kelly favored for the post. . ..

the international criminal court and end games

Wary of such approach generally skeptical about this form of governance, Bush administration reversed course sending Bolton to Hague to unsign the treaty. ... At the time, Bolton's speech and any follow-on commentary allow Trump administration to pursue low-cost and high-profile..

israel’s anti-semitism smear campaign

has he cut off U.S contribution to UN efforts to provide life services to Palestinian refugees in other words, to mitigate some of the worst consequences of U.S backed Israeli ethnic cleansing and now, probably at John Bolton's direction, he is closing down PLO's mission Washington, and cutting off..

will trump set off the middle east powder keg?

The two most prominent new appointees to the administration, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, both see the U.S. as locked in an imperial conflict with China. . ... These could well come to a head this May over the renewal of Iran's nuclear accord, which Trump and his new saber-rattling advisers like..

israel & the us: the delusions of our diplomacy

Bush administration, such as Elliott Abrams, John Bolton, and Douglas Feith Zionist Organization of America American Enterprise Institute and Foundation for Defense of Democracies and The Weekly Standard, Commentary, and the editorial board of The Wall Street Journal.. ..

our man in palestine

See also the quotes from John Bolton, the former US ambassador to the UN, in the same article: “Having failed to heed the warning not to hold the elections, they tried to avoid the result through Dayton.” Several Bush administration officials told me, however, that Wurmser and Bolton did..

gatestone institute

Ambassador John Bolton was prescient in his 1998 warning, when the formation of body was first being debated in Rome, that it would be ineffective, unaccountable and overly political. . . ... The International Criminal Court (ICC) is 'already dead to us' National Security Adviser John..

in the heart of a dying empire

After all, from National Security Advisor John Bolton (the invasion of Iraq) and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (a longtime regime-change advocate) to CIA Director Gina Haspel (black sites and torture), Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis (former Marine general and CENTCOM commander), and..

trump follows, dprk-iran lead

By contrast, his hostility to Iran is unremitting more sanctions are coming on stream, Trump's two speeches at the UN this week focused on the threat from Tehran, theme also of John Bolton. ... The aspect connects Pompeo- Bolton to North Korea- Iran in particular way namely, these two..

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