maduro calls for snap national assembly elections

Maduro dismissed their call, saying “(t)he  Bolivarian armed forces are more loyal than ever under my command.” . He alone is Venezuela’s legitimate president, Juan Guaido a US-designated usurper, to be used and discarded at Washington’s discretion, a pawn to facilitate the coup..

venezuela's supreme court v. us coup attempt

Venezuela is world's apart from America's democracy, opposed to the notion of governance of, by, and for everyone equitably, never in the US from inception, embodied Venezuela's Bolivarian Constitution and how the nation is ruled.. Fact Juan Guaido is US, puppet, nobody with zero..

trump's coronation of guaido as venezuelan president

Now, with the crisis in the country reaching the point of critical mass, Trump’s coronation of Juan Guaido as interim president marks the next and most blatant attack on a Bolivarian Revolution whose only crime, since inception, has been the crime of a good example. . ..


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