us media erase years of chavismo’s gains

To assess whether US media have noted this crucial part of the story of Bolivarian Revolution, I used Factiva to search the databases of three of the major newspapers  the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. Also in Times, Virginia Lopez Glass made brief, hand-waving..

confronting the u.s./eu/nato axis of domination

The bipartisan support for the agenda was in full display during State of Union by Trump when he mentioned U.S efforts to subvert Bolivarian process and in the absence of any opposition to this policy by Stacy Abrams during her rebuttal.. ... By mass incarceration is part of the global, The war..

what the press hides from you about venezuela

Over the past sixty years, non-conventional economic wars have been waged against Cuba, Chile, Nicaragua, Syrian Arab Republic and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela order to make their economies fail, facilitate regime change and impose neo-liberal socioeconomic model. ... The crisis in the..

no u.s. war on venezuela! – workers world

Nicolás Maduro is the president of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, electoral processes. ... U.S cease all hostile actions against Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Lift all sanctions, stop backing coup, cease efforts to destroy Venezuelan economy and respect the right of Venezuelan..

maduro calls for snap national assembly elections

Let it be known that this Bolivarian movement is deeply rooted force, with defined and democratic country project, with people, with the union. ... New elections could reinstate the body to perform its legislative functions short of resolving Trump coup attempt to destroy Bolivarian..

trump venezuela coup will end badly for us

the rich history and complexity of Hugo Chavez driven Bolivarian Revolution is lost in the relentless moneyed and sexy for power among top-down oligarchic interests in both Venezuela and United States.. ... Given the strong support for Hugo's Bolivarian Revolution and the deep historic..

anti-imperialist news service

Communiqué of Coordinating Bureau of Non-Aligned Movement Solidarity with Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Rejecting Decision of the Government of United States of America to Renew its Unilateral Coercive Measures.. ... Bolivarian Government Ends Conversations to Improve Diplomatic..

bolivarianism and bonapartism

pan-Americanism, and struggle around his name that Hugo Chávez described his own movement as Bolivarianism and even changed his country's official name to the 'Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela under the Constitution of 1999. ... Bolívar became Dictator of Peru in 1824 and aspired to bring..


Venezuela ...

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