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Earlier this week, Daily Mail reported that UK Prime Minister Theresa May personally intervened to prevent Bibi from receiving asylum in UK, contradicting British Home Secretary Sajid Javid, that UK should provide Bibi refuge.. In Pakistan, for instance, the highest court overturned the..

pakistan high court upholds asia bibi acquittal

Qari Muhammad Salam, Islamic cleric based in the village as Bibi, ment last year that he disagreed with Supreme Court decision and believed that Bibi deserves the death sentence according to the law... ... And Asia Bibi's case, action is needed RIGHT NOW, wrote Huckabee last..

govt refuses to put asia bibi on ecl

Minister of State for Interior Shehryar Afridi Wednesday said the government will uphold Supreme Court verdict and not place Asia Bibi's name on the exit control list until she is proven guilty... ... Speaking about the countrywide protests following the court's verdict acquitting Bibi,..

pak court acquits condemned woman

By lower court and sparking countrywide protests, Pakistan's Supreme Court on Wednesday acquitted Asia Bibi, by quashing judgment passed.. ... In February, Bibi's, Ashiq Masih, and one of her daughters met Pope Francis shortly before Rome's Coliseum was in red one evening solidarity with..


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