europe's far-right wooing the young

In Belgium, Dries Van Langenhove, is 26. In France, the head of National Rally slate for European elections is 23 and has been card-carrying party member since the age of 16. ... The trend could have major implications for this month's elections, as Belgium... ..

the plea of africa’s stolen children (júlia manresa)

That's why he joined Belgium's Association of Mixed-race People, organisation that has been lobbying the country's authorities since 2015 so that Belgium will admit to the kidnapping of about 20,000 mixed-race in African territories under Belgian crown's colonial rule and will address the..

poll shows strong opposition to ‘killer robots’

In 15 of those countries, 60 percent or more were opposed Turkey, South Korea, Hungary Colombia Germany Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Belgium, Poland, Canada, and China .. Increases also occurred Sweden US Germany India, Canada, Italy, Australia, and Belgium all..


., Iranian documentary film made by Reza Farahmand, has made it into the competition round at 3 international film festivals Croatia, Belgium and Czech Republic... ... Iranian documentary will then participate at Brussels Film Festival Belgium, and 21st One World Film Festival Prague, as..

belgium euthanizing 9, 11-y-o children: report

At present, Belgium is the nation that allows doctors to end life, regardless of age, if the child makes request to die. ... There is, fact, no today available that can help you say 'this child has the competence or capacity to give with full understanding informed consent, Stefaan Van Gool,..

imperialism, the world war and social democracy

Thus, for example, Schippel and Calwer Germany, Vandervelde who approved of Belgium's of Congo, and Van Kol in Netherlands, etc.. ... By at least hundreds of thousands of organized workers in, We believe that or even millions of Russians did not want to cut each other's throats, it would have..

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