4 times barr twisted and cherry-picked mueller's report

Barr previewed the in letter to lawmakers last month and again on Thursday in press conference just before Justice Department released the nearly 450-page document... ... Finally, Barr's 4-page summary also claimed that Mueller's report sets out evidence on both sides of the question of..

bill barr: the “cover-up general”

By seeking declaration of congressional support, Barr did not make clear how Iraqi of Kuwait equaled attack on American interests, except to his credit, at the moment of decision, he did counsel the president to soften the impact of his unilateral rush to war. ... There is, too, the more basic..

who is attorney general william barr?

President Donald Trump nominated William Barr, 68, to be his attorney general months after Barr had sent unsolicited 19-page memo to the president's lawyers arguing that the investigation into whether Trump obstructed in Russia probe was overly aggressive and fatally misconceived... ... ..

mueller, russiagate, and fake politics

Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in Presidential Election has been written, and is in the hands of Attorney General William Barr. ... Barr restates the point of the cited conclusion from Mueller Report number of times. ..

digesting the barr summary

Without interviewing the president, it seems impossible for either Mueller or Barr to determine his intent.  ... That is the important thing that Congress and American people need to understand, and Barr is silent about it. ..

republicans, this has gone on way too long

I do not think Barr will go out on limb to protect Trump. and NO hard evidence I think Barr will bow to pressure from Trump to suppress as much as Barr can make up reasons to redact.. I think Barr suckered Trump into making the appointment with Barr wrote and..

william barr needs a history lesson

the nominee for Attorney General of United States, it's Barr needs to brush up on his law, and U.S history.    . ... Barr also expressed the opinion during his confirmation hearing that the justice system overall treats black and white Americans equally, ation proving otherwise.   . ..

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