kurds destroy islamic state, prepare for war vs. turkey

After announcing their complete victory over Islamic State at the town of Baghouz al-Fawqani Syria -- ending the existence of the murderous IS caliphate -- - fighters of Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces now have to contend with the possibility of war against Turkey supported by its patron,..

attack ‘europe, the world’ to avenge losses

By militants said to be inside the village of, The exhortation came in audio recording and video released online Baghouz, in the past few days, under stepped up assault and bombardment by the U.S. ... he is Baghouz. He said men, women and Baghouz being subjected to a holocaust..


US-led fighter jets conducted chemical bomb attack using white phosphorus on gatherings of al- Baghouz farms Eastern Deir Ezzur along the border with Iraq on Sunday afternoon.. US-led fighter jets hit Baghouz farms Eastern Deir Ezzur with missiles containing white phosphorus substance,..

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