9 people arrested in doping raids in austria and germany

SEEFELD, Austria — Five elite skiers and doctor were among nine people arrested Wednesday in doping raids Austria and Germany amid Nordic skiing world championships, and police say they're on the trail of dopers in other sports too... Austria's Federal Police Office said the..

austria reeling from migrants' murder of women

Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache of the ruling Freedom Party of Austria, horrified by the killings, says the fact most of the criminals have migrant background is not permitted to be withheld.  .. ... Ironically, as teenager, the most jail Saber will get Austria in exchange for..

blasphemy law by the backdoor

She held two seminars for Austria's anti- Islam Freedom Party in which she called the Prophet Muhammad paedophile. ... The yodelling fell foul of Austria's laws against the 'disparagement of religious symbols law conceived to prevent neo-Nazis from desecrating Jewish graves. ..

un migration pact under attack

Following Austria's of the UN to the accord has also surfaced in Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia and Slovenia. ... These issues have helped political parties like AfD Germany, FPÖ Austria, SVP Switzerland or President Trump in the US to get into power. ..

press freedom

Austria's of Herbert Kickl, of Freedom Party of Austria, has urged Austrian police in email to restrict the access to information of media that are critical of the government to minimum. ..

how many were admitted? – the virtual stoa

German of Austria March 1938, the cession of Sudeten Areas October 1938, Jewish pogroms Germany November 1938 and the invasion of Czechoslovakia March 1939 increased the number seeking refuge and these events also led to less policy. ... The war brought almost to standstill the movement of..

kurt waldheim, 88, disgraced un chief, dies

Kurt Waldheim, the diplomat who served as U.N and Austria's president and left the world stage pariah after his Nazi past was exposed, died Thursday. ... Austria had continued to portray rather than its collaborator, long after Germany was paying reparations and banning neo- Nazi groups....


INTERNATIONAL BRIEFING Bush to meet EU during quick stop Austria VIENNA, Austria -- President Bush stepped off Air Force One on Tuesday in the heart of Europe and into the hot debate over U.S Iraq and his administration's tactics in countering terrorism. He began 21-hour visit to..

austria's dark past surfaces for jews

For the time since Holocaust, Austria is ruled by coalition -- in last month -- of conservatives and extremists. ... Austria's new leadership vows to crack down on immigration, overhaul social systems, tax the already heavily levied rich, and slow down the progress of Austria's..

imperialism, the world war and social democracy

But from the moment that the threat of war emerged on the occasion of Balkan War and the growing tension between Russia and Austria, we proposed at Basel Congress that the workers of the world, following the directives of the International, ing to their governments.3. By at least hundreds of..

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