pope names first african-american to highest u.s. post

VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis named African- American to Catholic Church's most U.S position on Thursday, seeking to end period of in job. Former Atlanta Wilton Gregory, 71, was made new head of the Church in U.S Washington, D.C., and is also likely to become cardinal eligible to vote in..


On January 4, thousand economists at American Economic Association meeting Atlanta, We will be patient as we watch to see how the economy evolves... ..

uga’s swapnil agrawal named a schwarzman scholar

.; policy intern for the American Civil Liberties Union in Atlanta; scholar for UGA’s Center for International Trade and Security; legal intern at the Legal Resources Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa; researcher for the UGA School of Public and International Affairs; policy analyst for..

high court to hear health law

Senate Republicans have argued that this misguided law represents unprecedented and expansion of the government into the daily lives of every American, .. Court of Appeals for Circuit Atlanta -- the only appeals court to say the law was unconstitutional -- justices would consider. ..

black voice for gay marriage

activist on HIV issues in African-American community, he helped organize Black Church Summit Atlanta this past January to discuss making churches more welcoming to gays and lesbians. ..


The study, presented Sunday at American College of Cardiology meeting Atlanta, suggested that taking Plavix on top of aspirin to prevent heart attack may raise the risk of death in subset of people. ..

high court oks return of haitians

``We`re going to ask Supreme Court to hear the case on expedited basis `` said Lucas Guttentag, director of the immigration rights project New York for American Civil Liberties Union.. In February, U.S 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Atlanta ruled that the right to apply for asylum applied..

businessweek: the death of equities

., Atlanta investment adviser. By the astonishing rise in housing values, American saving rate has also been prompted, the proliferation of corporate pension funds, recent increases in the wage, and beefed-up Social Security benefits. ..


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