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One Atlanta road was stopped when it was determined that the state could not use eminent domain to take public property. ... All parties agreed to oppose the abuse of eminent domain, and jointly turned to fighting a specific unpopular road project: the Metro Atlanta Outer Perimeter Highway...


ATLANTA -- It's too bad I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby is likely to be the only Bush-Cheney confidant prosecuted for an aversion to the truth. ... Cynthia Tucker is editorial page editor for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. ..

3 britons allege mistreatment at guantanamo prison

And, as they convene today in Atlanta, members of the American Bar Association plan to consider a strongly worded condemnation of the Bush administration's treatment of overseas detainees as well as recommendations that would make it easier to prosecute members of the U.S. military and civilians who..

the national black political convention

Maynard Jackson, the mayor of Atlanta, demanded that the Georgia delegation withdraw its statement in support for an independent Black party. ... Realizing that he could no longer rely on a white vote in a 'solid South,' Carter abandoned that traditional Dixiecrat strategy in favor of an alliance..

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