mariel boatlift revisited

Jimmy Carter sent number of Mariel refugees to  camps Arkansas, where unhappiness contributed to the defeat of Gov. ... This was Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, on June 1, 1980, when refugees from Fidel Castro's Cuba rioted. ..

report: ua adds $2.26b to economy

For the period included in the study, fiscal 2018, the university received $166.8 in state appropriations, with that number including money for Fayetteville campus, Arkansas Agricultural Experimental Station and Arkansas Archeological Survey... ... The report listed the construction..

judge lets arkansas law against israeli boycotts stand

Judge lets Arkansas against Israeli boycotts stand. LITTLE ROCK, Ark — federal judge has let stand Arkansas law requiring contractors to pledge not to boycott Israel, ruling that such boycott is not protected by First Amendment.. ... The Times lawsuit said the University of..


in Arkansas is considering merging with the University of Arkansas or Arkansas State University systems.. ... Arkansas Department of Health announced Thursday employee of Arkansas State University's food service and volunteer at Jonesboro Salvation Army both..


The president of Arkansas college has reported to Illinois for his in corruption case.. Arkansas energy company says it will send relief crews to Georgia in the coming days to assist any areas. ..

civil rights and mass incarceration in arkansas

I could not find reliable, measurement for Arkansas, except 2016 report by Arkansas Association of Counties measured the populations of 26 county jails, and 47 percent of their inmates were awaiting trial.17 So, arrest for offense can lead to extended stints in jail. ... 'Patrol and..

supreme court agrees to rule on term limits

While the case accepted by the yesterday comes from Arkansas, congressional term limits 14 other states, mostly in West and Midwest, hang in the balance. ... Term limits already have been declared unconstitutional by Arkansas Supreme Court and District Court judge in the state of..

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