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Concrete Change, ” by Courtney Mally, Marissa Roper and Maya Patrose, Arizona State University. Survival, ” by Alia Haytham, Ahmed Zada, Laila Sherif Said and Nada Mawsouf, The American University Cairo. ..

violence against women act clears house

Topics: gun-violence guns house lobbying Alaska American Indians Appropriations Arizona Budget california Debbie Dingell democrats Dianne Feinstein Don Young Elections House Iowa Joni Ernst Karen Bass leadership Michigan Nancy Pelosi National Rifle Association New Mexico New York NRA..

minority markets see economic growth

The 10 states with greatest black buying power growth since 2000 are North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Wyoming, Vermont, Arizona, Montana, Maine, Utah and New Hampshire. Ranked by the growth of Native American buying power since 2000, the 10 states are Texas, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania,..

green activists viewed as foreign agents

the media, and other members of Congress about Russian meddling American affairs, the Arizona Republican said, then advocacy groups working to disrupt American energy while receiving financial support from Russian government should be subjected to investigations... ..

american't: from midterms to end times

Abrams came close to winning in, respectively, Florida, Texas and Georgia Taliban bubblehead Kyrsten Sinema did win Arizona. Projecting, many of them have convinced themselves we're Nazis, fascists, bigots and un- American, evil haters. ..


In the summer of 1981, life changed for me and my family, O'Connor wrote in Lazy B Growing up on in American Southwest, with brother, H. Before joining the court, O'Connor was Arizona Senate's - the first woman to hold that office in any state Senate. ..

why connecticut dems love john mccain

McCain partnered with Blumenthal on the “Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act,” bipartisan legislation that became law and aims to improve mental health care and suicide prevention resources for American service members. . The Arizona Republican also joined Blumenthal..

opinion editorials

I don’t know if the ancient language of Arizona’s Tohono O’odham Native American tribe includes a word for “hubris” — defined as excessive pride or self-confidence, with synonyms like “arrogance” and “deceit.” . ..


I don’t know if the ancient language of Arizona’s Tohono O’odham Native American tribe includes a word for “hubris” — defined as excessive pride or self-confidence, with synonyms like “arrogance” and “deceit.” . ..

nonprofit profile: american commitment

But Center for Responsive Politics discovered that the group had received million grant in 2011 for general support from another nonprofit, the Arizona-based Center to Protect Patient Rights.. According to Center for Responsive Politics, American Commitment spent $2 million on ads that..

make a federal case out of it

Indiana measure was the target of lawsuit filed in 2011 by American Civil Liberties Union. The legislation goes further than Arizona law, which would allow police to arrest illegal immigrants only if they had committed offense. ..

teddy roosevelt and the indians

Then President Roosevelt spoke to Gswedva and informed him, through interpreter, of the government's intent to locate park for American people on Gswedva's and Burro's garden lands below the rim. In Arizona, President Theodore Roosevelt sent his personal agent to investigate the..


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