arizona democrats close the presidential primary

Arizona Democratic Party voted down resolution on September 21 to open the party's primaries March to the state's 1.3 independent voters.. ... This while Arizona Republican Party canceled its primary, leaving the door open to Democrats to cast themselves as the party of inclusion and..

the state press

Arizona State Sun Devils. ss State Press Play Academics and Tarot, where is the connection - The Arizona State Press Toggle The Arizona State Press Snapchat, @statepress × Stat... ... Arizona State Sun Devils. s Tempe and Phoenix implement new visions for the future..

hohokam human remains found in arizona

Hohokam Human Remains Found Arizona... By maintenance crews at resort near the, NOGALES, ARIZONA — reports that human remains belonging to Hohokam individual were discovered Arizona-Mexico border. Watson of University of Arizona and Arizona State Museum..

arizona reinvents its case against barry jones

Arizona prosecutors clearly would be easier to convince panel of federal judges that Burgess was wrong on the law cases are most often won or lost on procedural technicalities, no matter how clear cut the underlying facts may seem... ... Under Arizona's law, any of the four counts were..

kyrsten sinema wins arizona senate race

 Representative Kyrsten Sinema, Democrat and former worker, scored in the race for Senate seat Arizona, defeating Republican opponent after waging in. Sinema's over Martha McSally, Republican congresswoman and former Air Force pilot, marks Democratic triumph since 1976 in battle for Senate seat..

horner distorts emmer’s immigration statement

Republican Tom Emmer in the past has thought Arizona law was a good start and infers he has been mis-quoted on saying Minnesota needs Arizona type law. ... The fact checked showed Emmer had called Arizona's law wonderful., and unlike what Horner claimed in the debate, Emmer did..

monument to hubris in the arizona desert

By referendum that gave the tribes exclusive rights to operate gambling casinos in, All 17 Arizona gaming tribes including TON joined in compact with the state, supported Arizona. In return the tribes agreed to specific limits on the number of casinos Arizona. ..

coyote blog » equal marriage arizona

I was down at Arizona capitol first thing  this morning to do some TV interviews on reaction to Supreme Court DOMA decision   .. ...  We seeking to place proposition on Arizona in 2014 to broaden the definition of marriage from man and woman to two persons.. ..

an openly atheist candidate is running for congress in

In 2012, Republican Matt Salmon was elected to House of Representatives from Congressional District Arizona, representing the western suburbs of Phoenix.. ... Woods is legally blind, very progressive, openly candidate and, unlike some other Arizona politicians we wo not name, he's not..

arizona's illegal alien hiring law upheld

Arizona hopes that its law will in more enforcement of the prohibition on employing unauthorized aliens, Chief Justice John Roberts Jr wrote for the majority, adding that Arizona regulation does not otherwise conflict with federal law... The highly anticipated decision keeps intact the..

arizona law heads to high court

Arizona will in its fight to protect its citizens... The state must file the appeal by July, Republican elected officials said. ... Brewer's lawyers argued the government has not enforced law at the border and Arizona's interior and that the state's intent in passing the law was to..

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