kyrsten sinema wins arizona senate race

 Representative Kyrsten Sinema, Democrat and former worker, scored in the race for Senate seat Arizona, defeating Republican opponent after waging in. Sinema's over Martha McSally, Republican congresswoman and former Air Force pilot, marks Democratic triumph since 1976 in battle for Senate seat..

stuff going on

You can follow the ongoing vote counts Florida, Georgia and Arizona at New York Times. See also The Arizona, Florida, and Georgia election recounts, explained.. ..

national news

The CEO of Arizona nursing facility has resigned after woman who has been in vegetative state for years gave birth last month... ... The CEO of Arizona nursing facility has resigned after woman who has been in a... ..

justices uphold death sentence

Supreme Court restored death sentence yesterday for Arizona murderer who told his trial judge, If you want to give me the penalty, just bring it right on... ... He lost in Arizona courts and and Circuit took his side on 9-2 ruling.. ..

the frankenbook project

The project launched January 2018, as part of Arizona State University's of the novel's 200th anniversary. ... To learn more about Arizona State University's of Frankenstein's bicentennial, visit ..

coyote blog » equal marriage arizona

I was down at Arizona capitol first thing  this morning to do some TV interviews on reaction to Supreme Court DOMA decision   .. ...  We seeking to place proposition on Arizona in 2014 to broaden the definition of marriage from man and woman to two persons.. ..

an openly atheist candidate is running for congress in

In 2012, Republican Matt Salmon was elected to House of Representatives from Congressional District Arizona, representing the western suburbs of Phoenix.. ... Woods is legally blind, very progressive, openly candidate and, unlike some other Arizona politicians we wo not name, he's not..

immigration law raises concerns

Some wanted to pass Arizona-style crackdown on illegal immigrants, hoping it would send message and implore the government to address the problem. The product, Senate Enrolled Act 590, did not go as far as Arizona law. ..

arizona law heads to high court

Arizona will in its fight to protect its citizens... The state must file the appeal by July, Republican elected officials said. ... Brewer's lawyers argued the government has not enforced law at the border and Arizona's interior and that the state's intent in passing the law was to..

officials blamed as border crime soars

Arizona remains the busiest along the border, and scores of illegal immigrants are found dead of exposure in its deserts each year.. In Mexico on Tuesday, President Vicente Fox, of Sonora across the border from Arizona, urged U.S officials to do more and to work with Mexican authorities..

jury's role argued in death case

By saying the high court has already upheld the penalty laws in, Arizona Attorney General Janet Napolitano countered Arizona, that allow judges to impose penalties based on sentencing hearings after jury trial. ... Attorneys for Rose, the man convicted in Broward case, had tried..


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