the rising crisis between the united states and iran

Iran has three levels of action at hand in the nuclear realm (in ascending order of risk): a. undermining the JCPOA through minor breaches, inter alia by increasing the scope of uranium enrichment or boosting the level of enrichment; b. leaving the agreement and resuming broad nuclear activity, while..


Also, the United States would no longer waive sanctions that allowed Iran to ship heavy water produced at its Arak facility beyond a 300-ton limit set in the 2015 nuclear deal to Oman for storage which again forces Tehran to store it inside country in violation of the nuclear deal. . ... The..

constraining iran’s future nuclear capabilities

As long as Iran remains in the JCPOA, the United States should be prepared to widen exceptions to its sanctions against foreign entities for engaging with Iran’s nuclear industry—beyond existing exceptions covering the Arak reactor, the Fordow facility, and the Bushehr nuclear plant—to permit..

no, trump is not 'barreling toward war' with iran

Furthermore, as I wrote in January, Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, explained in an interview how the regime . circumvented a section of the deal that explicitly requires Tehran to remove the reactor core at its Arak nuclear facility in central Iran, and then to..

the iran nuclear deal: a timeline

As a European official explained, “replacing the U.S. after its exit with the UK as the co-chair of the Arak project [along with China] resulted in the loss of institutional knowledge and caused delays”. ... “US replaced with UK in constructing redesigned Arak heavy reactor”, Mehr..

parshat shemot: the power of belief

From Shakespeare’s Benedick, who offers Don Pedro to “…bring you the length of Prester John’s foot…” in “Much Ado About Nothing,” to appearances in issues of Marvel’s “Fantastic Four” and “Thor” to DC comics who featured him in “Arak: Son of Thunder” the legend lives on...

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