trump’s blunt reminder to american jews was not

J Street, advocacy group focused on reaching resolution between Israel and Palestinian territories, ment, 'It's dangerous and shameful for President Trump to attack the majority of the American Jewish as unintelligent and disloyal... ... His articles have been published in Washington Examiner, The..

alan carlin

Climate alarmism is probably the most insidious, largest, and most scam ever perpetrated on American public and most of the developed world.. 0 Facebook Twitter Google + Pinterest... ..

a interview with shearon roberts

I research Caribbean and Latin American, discourse from the region, and discourse on race and gender.. the number one feedback from participating students is how much people of the region consume media about African American culture and experiences, and how little access African..

center for american progress

Much like Russian in American, the political assault was multifaceted, consisting of campaign that included rumors, fake news, and the planting of forged documents cyberintrusion of the campaign staff and advisers and leak of data timed to influence the election, just ahead of media blackout. ..

rudyard kipling, american imperialist

Benfey strolls through Kipling's American years with the sensibility of flaneur, of interest, turning back there for another look. ... discussion of Kipling's with Theodore Roosevelt, contrasts Roosevelt's for the bear with Kipling's for the North American beaver.. ..

oldest universities in the u.s.

Hampden-Sydney, men's arts college, was American college founded British Colonial America and the college founded before American Declaration of Independence was signed. ... In 1742, Moravian became the first boarding school for in American colonies when it was founded by..

american apocalypse

it's not far-fetched to suggest that the government might be engaged in nefarious activities that run counter to the best interests of American people, doing so brand me terrorist under FBI's new classification system.. ..

the political perils of supporting israel

and that movement was abetted by politicians in United States, I would imagine American Catholics would take special interest in opposing it. Still, American Jews who support the politicians who make these claims are not being disloyal to America — even if there is good case to be made..

throwback: august 22 – throwback thursdays

Republican-American Archives August 1955 Skilled construction workers tackled the job of cutting up the steel railroad bridge that once crossed Bank Street and Naugatuck River. Republican-American Archives 1955 Labor Day Waterbury 1955 saw flood cleanup workers ignore the long weekend of..

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