why you need to remember d-day

More than 156,000 American, British, Canadian and other Allied troops crossed English Channel and broke upon Adolf Hitler's fortifications to try to wrest Europe away from Nazi Germany.. ... At incomprehensible cost, these young men did it By day's end, they had taken control of the beachhead, of..


In Ecuador, President Lenín Moreno has allied with his political opponents to implement conservative agenda, threatening to undo the country's strides in tackling poverty and inequality over the past decade... ..


In earlier on Wednesday, Damascus army fended off new offensives by Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay'at and other allied terrorist groups in the demilitarized zone Southeastern Idlib and near Abu Dhuhour military airport, inflicting heavy damage and tolls on them.. ... In development on Thursday, Syrian..

war profiteering in wwi – howestreet

Similar arrangements with French, Russian, Italian and Canadian governments saw the broker billions more in supplies for Allied war effort.. ... But the debts continued to mount and throughout 1917 and 1918, US Treasury,  the Allied powers war debts to J.P. ..

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NATO Secretary General visits the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with Chairman of Military Committee and Supreme Allied Commander Europe. Jens Stoltenberg, is visiting the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, accompanied by Chairman of Military Committee, Air Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, and Supreme..

world war i: 52 months of hell

Immediately at the outbreak of war, Ottoman empire -- allied with Germany and Austria-Hungary -- closed Bosphorus Strait to isolate Russia. ... Freed to focus on Western Front following Brest-Litovsk treaty that ended Russia's, German forces launched all-out attempt to break through..

the lessons of the failed armistice of 1918

German command's tactical blunders stalled German offensives of spring 1918 — the last chance before growing Allied numbers overran German lines. >>> Watch Victor Davis Hanson's talk at The Heritage Foundation on the lessons of World War I... America's, Woodrow Wilson, opposed Allied..

world war i relived day by day

The mobilization was effective by 1918, Allies were able to relax their food rationing, while Germany and its confederates, strangled by Allied naval blockade, were on the verge of starvation. ... By replacing infamous autocrat on Allied with democracy, it made making the safe for..

why the first world war was no waste

Ottoman decision to back Central Powers diverted Allied resources in ways that show the profligate advantages they had over Germans and Austro-Hungarians by 1918 there were half Allied troops in Egyptian Expeditionary Force and another half million scattered around Iraq. ..

wwi centennial: central powers in collapse

The surprise attack by British Army on August 8, 1918, rued by German Erich Ludendorff as the day of Germany Army, inaugurated relentless series of blows by Allied armies, including British advance from Flanders to Somme and American of St. After months of preparation, on September 26, 1918..

u.s. arming syrian rebels amid looming threat from

United States and its allies are expected to send more weapons to anti- Syrian Bashar al- Assad rebels to try to repel new push to open supply route between Iraq and Syria by Iran-allied Shiite militias fighting alongside local fighters.. According to human rights Amnesty International and news..

america at war: the end begins [excerpt]

The reactions expressed Germany in the machinations of Hitler assassination plot, and Japan by the fall of Tojo cabinet, were direct reflections of Allied successes. ... Some 8,000 Allied planes gave direct or indirect support to the landings, and 800 fighting craft, ranging in size..

-backed syrian kurds aligned with terror group pkk

-backed Kurdish Democratic Union Party Syria is aligned with Kurdistan Workers Party, organization, Senate panel, echoing Turkey's position on the relationship between the two groups.. ... Breitbart News asked Pentagon whether it considers PYD and YPG groups to be terrorists by association given..

wwi centennial: armistice

in the half of October early November 1918 the machinery of modern, total war ground to now-inevitable conclusion, the shattering of German Army on Western Front by Allied forces directed by Marshal Ferdinand Foch. ... By the vague details of halting peace negotiations in, The rumor mill was..

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