The Turkish Army and Ankara-backed Free Syrian Army pounded the city of Tal Ra'afat and its surrounding areas Northern Aleppo with rockets, Kurdish-language Hawar News reported.. ... Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, meantime, pointed to the attacks by Turkish Army and its allied militants on..

gas in aleppo, stranger than truth

Well, the attack really happened and this time, Russian Aerospace Forces were the ones to retaliate, Russian journalist working with Nahed Husaini and Carla Ortiz of Veterans Today Northern Aleppo, our source on the ground during the attacks.. ..

167 terrorists killed in syria's aleppo

According to report from Russian Center for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides Syria, Syrian army has thwarted offensive launched by al-Nusra Aleppo province... ... militant fires artillery during clashes near the village of Om al-Krameel, Aleppo's southern countryside, Syria, May 5, 2016..

assad: aleppo to become terrorists' graveyard

Syria's President Bashar al- Assad says Takfiri terrorists will gain no more grounds in  Aleppo and the flash point will become graveyard for them.. ... Russia has vowed to provide Syrian government troops with the the most active air support around Aleppo following the death of scores..

syria after the conquest of aleppo

Aleppo--once the city of Syria and symbol of the uprising that began during Arab Spring six years ago--has fallen to the forces of Bashar al- Assad and his regime, backed by their allies Iran and Russia. ... After the fall of Aleppo, and with the unconditional support Syrian regime is..

syrian government wins the battle of aleppo

Russian government has announced the conclusion of military Aleppo, and says Syrian government is now in control of the city.. Journalist Karam al-Masri, resident of Aleppo, told CNN news of the agreement was delivered via cell phone text messages from rebel leaders. ..

aleppo, mosul and “war crimes”

United Nations Security Council was Wednesday of bitter exchange over Syria, with the Western powers indicting Russia for war crimes over its operations in the city of Aleppo.. ... Power's that Russians view every child Aleppo whose bombs kill members of ISIS.. ..

ngo: isis crucifies 9 men in syria's aleppo

ISIL executed eight Deir Hafer in the east of Aleppo province on Saturday because they belonged to rebel groups that had fought against the jihadists and Assad's forces, .. ... Rebels launched anti- ISIL January 2014, have pushed them out of large swathes of Aleppo province and all of..

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