federal judge blocks alabama abortion ban

District Judge Myron Thompson issued injunction blocking Alabama from enforcing the law. ... Left People gather at Alabama State Capitol during March for Reproductive Freedom against the state's new law, Alabama Human Life Protection Act, Montgomery, Alabama on May 19,..

alabama governor signs abortion ban into law

There are no exceptions for cases of rape or incest, when Alabama Senate first tried to debate the measure last Thursday. ... By having no threshold other than if woman is pregnant, But the drafters of Alabama law think, their law might be the ripe for Supreme Court review.. ..

alabama governor signs anti-abortion bill into law

By overwhelming majorities in both chambers of the Today, I signed into law Alabama Human Life Protection Act, bill that was approvedLegislature, said Ivey, Republican, ment.. ... American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama Executive Director Randall Marshall promised Ivey lawsuit, from..

alabama senate passes toughest abortion ban bill in us

Alabama senate passed the most abortion bill in United States on Tuesday that bans any termination of pregnancy and could punish doctors. ... Alabama Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth, senate, greeted the passage as a strong step toward defending the rights of the unborn... ..

alabama abortion law signed by gov. kay ivey

Legal abortion supporters fly banner reading Abortion is OK over Alabama State Capitol building Montgomery, Ala., on Wednesday May 15, 2019.. ... Terri Collins, R-Decatur,   makes it Class A felony — by life or 10 to 99 years prison -- to perform in the state of Alabama. ..

1,400-year-old canal found in alabama

GULF SHORES, ALABAMA — reports that two sections of 1,400-year-old canal have been uncovered in the long, narrow, peninsula at the mouth of Mobile Bay. ... There are other ancient canals, said Greg Waselkov of University of South Alabama, and they are very rare. ..

voters in alabama and west virginia approve anti-abortion

Voters Alabama and West Virginia Approve Anti-Abortion Measures. Three states gave voters the chance to weigh in on abortion access this election cycle Oregon rejected the prohibition of public funding for abortion while West Virginia doubled down on its pre- anti-abortion law and Alabama..

pastors rally around former alabama judge

Severn and Pasadena-based group will host this weekend Alabama Supreme Court justice who rose to prominence when he refused remove Ten Commandments from courthouse grounds.. ... Moore has devoted to this idea Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU of Alabama sued him to get him to..

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