civilians pay a heavy price of afghan war

One can disagree with the number of civilian losses as quoted by UNAMA and there is no dispute that common Afghans suffering most due to the war. The tragedy of Afghans makes compelling case for ending the war at the earliest moment. ..


For approximately ten years, Afghan and Iraqi Special Immigrant Visa programs have provided pathway to safety for Afghan and Iraqi nationals. ... -affiliated Iraqis and Afghans, some of. ..

department press briefing

And Taliban and Afghan negotiating team that includes Afghan Government and other Afghans will begin their work on the other two core issues intra- Afghan negotiations on settlement and comprehensive ceasefire.. MR PALLADINO I would say that Taliban and Afghan..


Indeed, every day Afghan and the others that have followed from it continue is and another day for War Party Washington and Military-Industrial Complex. ... the critical issue that will determine its success or failure is how Afghans - from ordinary villagers to leaders - perceive US..

is the longest us war finally ending?

The US for Afghanistan, that the must call for intra- Afghan between Taliban and US-backed Afghan government, and ceasefire. Certainly, Afghans need the withdrawal of the thousands of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan, and in the war between Taliban and US-backed government last..

world politics review

MAZAR-E-SHARIF, Afghanistan — many Afghans are watching the race that will bring end to the administration that triggered U.S in their country and that has designed much of the continued military and strategy there.. Given that Afghanistan, one of the poorest countries in the world, has become..


At the peak of NATO in 2011, around Bin Laden was killed Pakistan, there were more than 130,000 soldiers from 50 nations fighting Taliban and building up Afghan army, so it could stand on its own.. ... Such solution that preserves some of the civil society gains that Afghans have made,..

obama’s national security state

We have tried to win habeas rights, or the right to go to court, on behalf of people Bagram, and couple of lawyers actually won the right for non-Afghans held Bagram But, Obama administration appealed those cases, arguing, You have no right to represent anybody at Bagram, even if they're..

rivals launch political marathon in afghanistan

confident and relaxed President Ashraf Ghani launched his Sunday, registering poverty and the need for government to unite all Afghans and end 17 years of in a just and honorable way.. The Afghan, in which Ghani will face 14 contenders is now scheduled for July 20 after being postponed..

afghanistan wading through blood

By playing role to stop intervention to end the bloodshed of innocent, It's time for the UN to show relevance and atone its past shortcomings Afghans and bring the much needed peace to this hapless country... ... That is why through Taliban they were targeting Afghan and Mujahideen..

let’s have a war with russia!

The Army cannot defeat Afghans even with the advantages of unlimited air power, artillery, gunships, medevac, drones, and helicopters, It would last very short time if it had to fight Afghans or Iranians, on even terms. ..

privatizing war in afghanistan endangers civilians

But Americans and Afghans looking for solutions to end the war should not lose sight that some approaches may exacerbate abuses and undermine what justice systems exist.. ... Prince could end the war in six months using contracted veteran mentors to support Afghan forces.. ..

the war with the taliban

Corruption is now so bad, says Martine van Bijlert, Dutch and codirector of Afghanistan Analysts Network, ation about Afghanistan, that ordinary Afghans regard the government as morally politically illegitimate... ... See International Crisis Group's recent report, Force Fragments Reconstituting..

how to end the war in afghanistan

These groups all trade on the uncertainties of the people and the weaknesses of the state. • Taliban are still despised — one recent poll suggests that only 6 percent of Afghans want them back power. ... Moreover, Iranian regime, must acknowledge that the best way to protect its investments..

afghanistan analysts network

Flash from Past Kabul security handed back to Afghans in 2008.. Ten years ago, August 2008, process started that would later become known as enteqal , namely of responsibility from NATO to Afghan forces This process was supposed to be finalised by the end of 2014. ... Flash from Past..

is the taliban prepared to make peace?

The group has sent mixed signals this summer — agreeing, on one hand, to June cease-fire, and all the while continuing its years-long refusal to negotiate with what it calls Afghan government. ... In meetings with foreign visitors and Afghans, Taliban political figures now say that..

russian view on afghanistan

In April, the research group of Centre for Contemporary Afghan Studies conducted opinion poll among Afghan experts to find out the most influential people in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. ... ... In November 1941, Afghans held Loya Jirga Kabul involving one thousand most..

top 10 catalysts for world war iii

This was was conflict spanning from 1979-1989 between Marxist supporting Soviets against Afghan- Mujahideen, the latter. ... The reason this features on the list is the fact UK and USA, amongst others, were aiding Afghans fighting back against Soviets, with our countries at the helm. ..

nato gets threat on airstrikes

I have warned NATO forces that aerial attacks on the houses of Afghans are not allowed, .. ... then Afghans know how to deal with that, reference to the occupation of Afghanistan by British and Soviet armies in the century. ..

why we say no to war and hate

Now that Taliban and Osama bin Laden are the prime suspects after the criminal attacks, will U.S subject Afghanistan to military attack similar to the in 1998 and kill thousands of Afghans for the crimes committed by Taliban and Osama.. ..

president's op-ed on europe and nato – the 1600 report

In Lisbon, we will align our approach and adopt President Hamid Karzai's of Afghan forces taking the lead for security across Afghanistan by the end of 2014.. And even NATO, can forge partnership with Afghanistan to make it clear that as Afghans stand up and take the lead, they will not..

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