southern yemeni women enter storm of politics, war

Many Yemen's south would like to see return of the more progressive rights they enjoyed before Yemen's and south merged in 1990 could Southern Transitional Council's gains against Hadi Aden help bring this about.. ... Working I realized the I could play as not merely woman except as citizen of..


Aside from the remote portions of Yemen's eastern governorates, Southern Yemen has experienced the least amount of direct fighting against Houthis since UAE-backed forces pushed the group out of the city of Aden July 2015. ... Khormaksar connects Crater District and the end of Aden lies..


During the funeral, the mourners chanted slogans against Hadi administration and exchanged gunfire with the guards at Aden, where Hadi was supposed to be based and. ... TEHRAN - UAE-backed Southern separatists and Saudi-led militia engaged fresh fighting Yemen's Southern port city of..

crisis group yemen update #10

Battles have cut off key transit routes connecting the southern port city of Aden, Huthi-held of Sanaa in the north, and the central governorate of Taiz, packaging and distribution facilities. ... The battle for the governorate has cut off Aden- Sanaa and the highway into Ibb, area to the..

hidden history behind the yemen war

Encyclopedia com acknowledges that PDRY made progress in bridging the gap between Aden and the rest of the country, pursued social goals with some success, and made good use of limited resources in efforts to develop poor country. The gap between city and countryside remained constant concern of..

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