nyt omits major details in article defending bds movement

By someone connected to the, That's right The New York Times published written Qatari payroll, gives platform to BDS movement, and devotes not single of its 11,500 words to Qatar the world's central bank for terrorism and sponsor of Hamas.. This should not be shocking Qatari efforts to..


Demonstrators gathered at Lafayette Square in front of White House and then marched through the area, stopping near the offices of International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and Organization of American States. ..

the truth about neoliberalism

Hence the priority the new globalists gave in 1944, even to Bretton Woods monetary system for regulating currency rates, and setting up IMF and World Bank. This was where von Mises, Hayek and others in attendance chose the label for their ideas of Walter Lippman, American..

rescuing capitalism

Despite increasing global interdependence the U.S. still dominates world capitalism, and it is expected to “play its imperial role” responsibly.21 When a shortage of dollars overseas threatened global financial markets, it swapped a total of $314 billion for foreign currencies through March, in effect..

imperial exceptionalism

More and more foreign countries trying to go about their business on their own, even in areas once assumed to be vital to the US national interest — Latin America, Middle East, South China Sea, even Korean peninsula, where the South Koreans have done what American leaders were unable or unwilling..

venezuela experts

He was the director of the University Institute of Public Opinion at University of Central America San Salvador from 1994 to 2006, and has worked as consultant for organizations such as the Inter- American Development Bank and World Bank. Cruz is the director of..

day one

this essay is written with mainly British Green Party activists in mind, Greens are steadily growing community, made here will be  say, as they are Japan, Zimbabwe, or anywhere else. ..

war criminals at large - global researchglobal research

By the organization, As examples, I have selected three events from different decades the illegal attack by European democracies Britain and France on Egypt 1956 the terrorist attack by France on Rainbow Warrior, operated Greenpeace in 1985 and the illegal attack by US President Donald Trump on Syria on April..

the world bank group’s role in global development

Through loans, other services, and guarantees, IBRD works with middle-income and creditworthy low-income nations to fight poverty.  ... At the time, that the tradition of American World Bank head and European at IMF has persisted and that Kim's relative inexperience..

saudi strikes, american bombs, yemeni suffering

Control map data from the American Enterprise Institute’s Critical Threats Project. Data on Yemen’s G.D.P. from World Bank. Locations of strikes on fishing and agricultural targets from Yemen’s Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and Ministry of Fish Wealth, via a report by..

monthly review

By global corporations to convert this crisis into money, The pronouncements of World Bank on the in general supported in particular must be seen in light of the financial crisis faced by most Latin American governments in the 1990s, and the desire-making opportunities. ..

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