an instrument of weak states

America could restore its rapidly receding political dominance in the world due to its war on terror. ... America could restore its rapidly receding political dominance in the world due to its war on terror. ..


TEHRAN (FNA)- Trump’s one-man foreign policy, characterized by military buildups, sanctions, trade war, isolationism, xenophobia and anti-multilaterism is threatening not only the US, but the entire world. . . . . US Lawmakers Complain 'Are in Dark' over Iran . TEHRAN (FNA)- US lawmakers..

ahepa on war of independence anniversary

Greece, via NSA Souda Bay, Crete, and other military capabilities, has contributed significantly to NATO and United States missions, including peacekeeping operations, in an ever-increasingly important region of the worldUnited States government officials have called Greece 'a..

foreign affairs issue launch

Foreign Affairs January/February Issue Launch: Who Will Run the World? America, China, and Global Order . . . . With the potential shifting global balance of power from the United States to China, the latest issue of Foreign Affairs focuses on how the troubled hegemon and the confident..

an act of gangsterism against venezuela

Even though Chavez was one of the most electorally successful politicians on the planet in a democratic process described by former US president Jimmy Carter as “the best in the world,” US presidents Bush, Obama and Trump routinely called him a dictator. . ..

robert kagan

His previous book was The New York Times, World America Made .. Return of History and the End of Dreams., Dangerous Nation America's Place in World from its Earliest Days to Dawn of Century., Of Paradise and Power., and A Twilight Struggle American Power and Nicaragua, 1977-1990 .. ..

what charlottesville changed

The Irish rock Bono has said that for the rest of the world, America was idea, and I think that most Americans for most of our history would agree with that Believe in and allegiance to the idea, and you can be as much American as anyone else.. ..

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