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According to World Bank, in 2016-17, prior to ATIP, Britain paid 9.1% of GDP to provision, just ten years later it's now the same as America's was in 2017 eye-watering 17.1% causing new wave of austerity cuts to crucial social services. ... World Bank statistics are..

monthly review

Once this cheap bonanza of credit came to an end with the debt crisis in 1982, a new wave of neoliberal reforms and financial liberalization was imposed through the IMF–World Bank rescue packages. ... In country after country the IMF and World Bank imposed “structural..

germany's merkel backs minister in israel spat

(Photo by AFP) Observers say Netanyahu has irked Berlin by pressing on with settlement building in the Palestinian territories despite repeated warnings from world powers. . The Palestinian territories of West Bank and East Jerusalem al-Quds have been under Israeli occupation since 1967. ..

u.s. bid on iraq deemed lacking

Both countries also play a leading role in the international financial institutions, such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, that the Bush administration hopes will provide large sums of money for Iraq's reconstruction. . ..

a partnership with china to avoid world war

China has begun to build parallel set of financial institutions, including Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Asian Bond Fund Initiative New Development Bank and Chiang Mai Initiative. By increasing the representation of the world, It has abandoned its commitment to Washington..

another middle east tyrant at the brink

The World Bank estimates that 42 percent of the population lives in poverty. ... They share the same jet-set life as neoliberal ruling classes around the world, marked by four-star hotels and palatial air-conditioned shopping malls that look the same the world over--even in Yemen,..

our man in palestine

Louis, the World Bank, and the IMF before becoming finance minister under President Yasser Arafat. ... Ethan Bronner, “[Israeli Troops Evict Settlers in the West Bank](,” The New York Times, December 4,..

parliament of ghana

That this Honourable House adopts the Report of the Finance Committee on the Financing Agreement (Amended and Restated Financing Agreement) between the Government of the Republic of Ghana and the International Development Association (IDA) of the World Bank Group for an amount of Thirty-Four..

government news 29/9

Present at the Vietnamese Embassy in the US, World Bank Vice President Victoria Kwakwa extended her profound sympathies to the Party, State and people of Vietnam, stressing that President Quang had made great contributions to Vietnam during his career. . ..

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