trump threatens 'obliteration,' iran calls white

Rouhani, pragmatist who won two elections on promises to open Iran up to the world, said White House's actions were mentally retarded - insult that other Iranian officials have used in the past about Trump, and departure from Rouhani's own measured tone over the years.. President Donald..

shattering federal bureaucrats’ shield of executive

Bureaucrats who work for the government in the United States benefit from a similar legal doctrine called executive immunity, which shield not just them, but can also shield their entire departments from being held truly accountable when they cause harm to regular Americans. . ... Leo Shane III of..

rouhani: white house mentally disabled

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani White House Is Afflicted with Mental Disability America Is Discouraged and Confused. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in June 25, 2019 address that aired on IRINN TV that America, White House, Pentagon, and CENTCOM are discouraged..

white house outlines new economic plan for middle

White House press release called the plan the the most comprehensive effort for Palestinian people to date, and has the potential to create results, including the doubling of Palestinians gross product, the creation of over one Palestinian jobs, and the slashing of Palestinian poverty rate..

executive power doesn't mean much

I’ve reviewed more than a thousand publications from the 17th and 18th centuries for each instance of the word root exec-, and have read most of those texts from cover to cover with the topic of presidential power squarely in mind. ... Here’s Justice Robert Jackson on executive power,..

white house concerns about the florida and

White House concerns about the Florida and Pennsylvania votes . . May 19, 2019 . . ... “When that many people from your own party don’t support you, it means you have to spend more time consolidating your base.”With numbers like that in the nation’s largest swing state — one that..

esg executive director position @ tcb

Executive Director, Environmental, Social and Governance Center, will bring targeted experience to strengthen TCB's commitment to ESG. ... Further, Executive Director will position ESG Center as ESG whose research and insights are compelling and relevant. ..

canada set to extradite huawei exec to us

Canada Set to Extradite Huawei Exec to US . . . . Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou arrives at a parole office with a security guard in Vancouver, British Columbia, Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018. ... Both cases, Botting said, are “connected to discretion of various kinds,” whether it’s..

white house iraq group

White House Iraq Group was the marketing arm of White House whose purpose was to sell the invasion of Iraq to the public.. ... On October 20, 2005, Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced Resolution of Inquiry to demand White House turn over all white..

mira ricardel forced out of white house

In statement, press Sarah Sanders said, Mira Ricardel will continue to support President as she departs White House to transition to role within the Administration. ... Ricardel seemed to have crossed in taking on the office over the trip, making what some viewed White..

obama welcomes trump to white house

US President Barack Obama meets with President-elect Donald Trump in Oval Office at White House, Washington, DC, November 10, 2016 Embed.. US President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump have held their first ever meeting at White House, touching on various..

what susan rice's white house promotion means

In the highly centralized White House foreign-policy and operation, even one of Kerry's stature, does little to set the administration's overarching policy. ... Politically, the administration has seen no upside to Libyan intervention, and in very White House, these..

top 10 deaths inside the white house

1950, Ross returned to his in White House to prepare for his upcoming televised news statements scheduled for that afternoon. ... Caroline Harrison, wife of the president of United States, Benjamin Harrison, was in remodeling White House, including the installation of..

white house rolls out new gun control measures

Obama will use his authority to broaden FBI background checks of gun buyers to include sales at gun shows and by individuals over Internet, said White House Valerie Jarrett during call with reporters Monday.. ... Prompted by Oct 1 mass shooting at Umpqua Community College Roseburg,..

muslim-american leaders meet with obama at white

Farhan Latif, chief operating officer at Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, Dearborn, attended White House meeting.. ... Also discussed at White House meeting was program by Obama to radicalization by working with Muslim Americans in cities with Muslim..

white house targets dark money campaign donors

The secretive welfare groups that enjoyed exemption from taxation while pouring millions of dollars into political advertising during the 2012 elections may find their influence curtailed in the future, if new proposed guidance from Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service is any guide. . ..

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