gas in aleppo, stranger than truth

The gas shells were delivered by convoy from Turkey under the control of White Helmets, first NGO funded by CIA and MI6.. Were one to apply now accepted international conventions on hunting terrorists, based on American standards set forth after 11, White Helmets could..


TEHRAN - Thousands of children have been killed by US-led and terrorist groups, including White Helmets, in the 7 years of Syria, on Monday... ..

why assad and russia target the white helmets

Beha Halebi Anadolu Agency Getty Images A White Helmet member carrying wounded girl west of Aleppo, Syria, November 6, 2016 Around AM on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, before most children had left for school, Syrian Air Force Su-22 fighter jets launched missiles at the northern opposition-held..

war, lies and censorship

Just two days CIA-backed propaganda outfit known as White Helmets released images of children lying motionless, by US-backed that Syrian government had killed dozens of people in chemical weapons attack. ..


Syria ...

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