presstv-us jews warn israel against west bank

coalition of American Jewish groups has sent letter to leaders of Israel's political parties, warning them against full or annexation of West Bank.. ... Earlier mid-September, Netanyahu pledged to annex Jordan Valley, which makes up 30 percent of West Bank area if he..

presstv-israel has right to annex west bank: us

Under certain circumstances, I think Israel has the right to retain some, unlikely all, of West Bank, In interview published by New York Times on Saturday.. ... Friedman has become the mouthpiece for racism and Israeli apartheid system, instead of being the US ambassador, said the..

bibi will win...and annex the west bank

Bibi Will Win and Annex West Bank by.. I'm about to make counter-intuitive, and I think persuasive argument that Bibi Netanyahu's assured victory on Tuesday will, in the long-term, lead us closer to the solution to Israel-Palestine conflict.. ... Of course, Bibi will not annex all of..

» israeli soldiers abduct 18 palestinians in west

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Monday at dawn, Palestinians from their homes, in several parts of West Bank, Palestinian Prisoners Society has reported.. ... the soldiers invaded searched dozens of homes across West Bank and interrogated many Palestinians while inspecting..

the israeli settlements in the west bank -

 It's truth that should be acknowledged that Israeli settlements in West Bank are not the central nor the problem preventing peace process to resolve Israeli- Palestinian conflict. Other factors, can be considered the conviction that Jewish settlements in West Bank are..

west bank: reports of torture in palestinian

These two cases are among more than 100 allegations of torture registered so far this year with the Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR), the official Palestinian human rights ombudsman, against security services in the West Bank. . ... Since June 2007, according to the..

israeli roadblocks up by 40% in west bank

JERUSALEM -- Israel's network of military checkpoints and road barriers in West Bank has grown by 40 percent in the year, part of increasingly sophisticated system of controls that disrupts all aspects of Palestinian, U.N agency said Wednesday. These physical obstacles are carving up..

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