was the korean war a just war?

Commander Chief of the Army and Navy of United States, and of Militia of the several States, Section 8. After the invasion, the UN took up the matter of blame and, with Soviet representative absent, unable to oppose the measure, United States helped to push through..

making the case of war

The US of regime change in Middle East under the disguise of September 11 attacks, formula, wielded order to attack any nation on the planet.. ... According to one recent study published by Watson Institute at Brown University, US, war and military actions Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and..

duterte’s culture of corruption – asia sentinel

One of Udenna's largest transactions to date was US billion in 2017 with Kuwait-based KGL Investment for Global Gateway Development Corporation and its Clark Freeport Zone. ... Marsha Lazareva claimed GGDC to Uy had been for just US$380 million, and given Kuwaiti port and pension funds..

so let’s ban marijuana

Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were total of 5,147 fatal work injuries recorded in United States in 2017 .. ... Excessive alcohol use led to approximately 88,000 deaths and 2.5 million years of life lost each in United States from 2006 2010, shortening the lives of..

does the united states still exist?

What we are experiencing in United States and other countries whose core populations are white is the removal of white people, especially males, from positions.   ... What I am suggesting is that United States has become an internal empire of antagonistic races,..

the central america us border blues

I'll let Dana Frank, woman who has spent many years Honduras, tell the story from recent book, The Long Honduran Night Resistance, Terror, and United States in Aftermath of Coup... ... Political movements like Make America Great Again and rightist efforts to oppress the..

us-china trade war is making china stronger

Following meeting between US president, Donald Trump and his Chinese, Xi Jinping at G20, the two leaders agreed to renew talks. ... Until recently, US policymakers operated under the assumption that the US was the world's and Silicon Valley was the innovation hotbed. ..


Arabic-language Baladi News Website reported that over 300,000 people are exposed to the risk of losing their lives due to the negligence of US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces and US-led towards presence of thousands of military mines remaining from ISIL's in the city.. ... Meantime,..

poll: american patriotism at 18-year low

This belligerent move puts the foremost state sponsor of terrorism back on the path toward developing nuclear bomb and triggering clash that will explode into World War iii... he United States is going to be left out in Europe and Latin America, mesh together and begin calling the..

china urges us to stop wrong practices of curbing

He noted more and more colleges, think tanks and people from all walks of in United States have questioned and criticized the wrong practices.. The in people-to-people and cultural sectors between China and United States is of great significance to enhancing mutual..

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