steve king on whether white societies are superior: 'america

I'll say this, America is not white society — it has never been completely white society. ... And I believe that every one of us, every one of us, is created God's image, .. ..

croplife america supports science behind glyphosate

CropLife America Supports Science Behind Glyphosate. CropLife America and CEO Chris Novak is hopeful that science will in the end when it comes to legal and regulatory challenges to products such as glyphosate... ... CropLife America was sponsor of Agri-Pulse summit. Listen..

us sanctions war

Annually since then, State Department accused Venezuela of not cooperating fully with United States efforts pursuant to Section 40A of Arms Export Control Act . . ... In March 2015, Obama regime declared Venezuela an unusual and extraordinary threat to the security and policy of..


German government is regular and confidential contact with United States about the role the US air base Ramstein plays in US's international deployment of unmanned aircrafts, ment.. ... TEHRAN - Iran, Russia, China and India should forge alliance against..

regime change means drenching venezuela in blood

Last Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ordered the last of the US diplomats out of Venezuela, saying their presence was a constraint on US policy toward the country. ... Or is Trump Administration really about to invade another country that has neither attacked nor threatened United..

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