trump's transgender ban is headed to court, along with the

In 2016 press briefing, e have to have access to 100 percent of America's population for our all-volunteer force to be able to recruit from among them the most highly qualified and to retain them.. ... Frederick Douglass once said, in exhorting his fellow African Americans to in Union Army..

george w bush the 41st president of the us

I was in the US when he was elected president and then president and I was also in the US four years later when he lost the election to William Jefferson Clinton. ... The writer is editor of the Journal of Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America. ..

yoav limor /

JNS org - The US sanctions imposed on Iran on Monday are ‎an additional, vital step in West's long ‎struggle to curb the nuclear, ‎territorial,... ..

united states: deregulating mountaintop removal

The 88-page report, The Coal Mine Next Door How US Government's Deregulation of Mountaintop Removal Threatens Public Health, finds that Congress failed to mitigate health risks associated with this form of mining when it voted to roll back regulation to protect streams from mining pollution. ..

human rights in 2018: ten issues that made headlines

Free, privacy and integrity came under March, when employee of Cambridge Analytica blew the whistle on its practice of harvesting data from millions of US Facebook users in effort to influence the 2016 presidential elections.. ... Yet USA, UK, France and Australia sell Saudi..

cnn us

Four-Part Docuseries on America's Fashion History features Tim Gunn, Donna Karan, André Leon Talley, Christie Brinkley, Isaac Mizrahi, Vanessa Williams. ..

the politics of protecting hate speech

You may find it waste of time, I think, however, it's relevant to ask how broad and robust the protection of speech would be in the US and later Jewish organizations and NAACP  .. ... In, the US federal and local governments introduced the same arguments and the same kind of legal..

toughness the only language us understands

Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, Harry Elmer Barnes, Arnold Toynbee, HG Wells, that if war is not ended, it'll end us.. ... Meng's arrest by Trudeau authorities Vancouver on orders from Washington to detain and extradite her to the US is all about trying to undermine Beijing's. ..

» us evangelicals have donated some $65m to illegal

The ministry was giving the money to the in light of its pro- Israeli and pro-settlement activity among evangelical communities in United States.. ... According to earlier report by CNN, in the last 12 months,  the Christian community in United States has given $100..


Chinese agreed to buy a not yet agreed upon, except very substantial amount of agricultural, energy, industrial and other products from United States to reduce America's huge trade deficit with China, December December 3... ..

presstv-'united states biggest source of

PressTV-' United States source of pollution. United States is the source of in the world, says commentator, adding that it's not possible to combat climate change unless there is global effort       .. We look at United States that had just spent..


The protestors, also, opposed US forces illegal bases and presence of militants, affiliated to Turkey and the US, Syria SANA said, adding that the protestors called for expulsion of the occupiers and their allied militants from Syria   . In Northeastern Syria, last month that..

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