chipping away at trust in democracy

US President Donald Trump's attacks on officials such as Robert Mueller,  leading investigation into Russian influence campaigns in the 2016 campaign, and institutions such as FBI are especially dangerous because they damage the integrity of these processes and institutions for generations.. ... ..

the united states and china at a crossroads

Now, to be fair, we've always had relationship — even at the very inception of US- China relations in 1972, when our countries began their long journey to normalization and new forms of cooperation yet were fighting each other on Southeast Asian battlefields through Cold War proxies Vietnam.. ... ..


TEHRAN - China asks United States not to exaggerate its compliance with the law and not to accuse other countries of violating the international norms, China's Foreign Ministry's Spokesperson said on Thursday... ... TEHRAN - China asks United States not to exaggerate its..

the end of democracy

period of government of, by and for the minority, could mean that Lincoln's of government may well perish from this earth, or at least that part called United States of America.. ... Midterm, Presidential and the confirmation of the lifetime appointment of two extreme..

whose america?

It declared that African Americans, as beings of order, were not and could never be citizens of United States. ... All persons born or naturalized in United States, and subject to the thereof, are citizens of United States and of State wherein they..

muslim immigration and integration in the united

The acceptance gap on these issues is the in United States meaning that Muslims in United States have opinions that are closer to the general than European countries    . ... opinions of abortion and homosexuality show that Muslim Europeans are less well-assimilated than..

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