un / palestinian people rights

SOUNDBITE António Guterres, Secretary-General, United Nations.. I appeal to Hamas authorities Gaza to prevent provocations, and under International Humanitarian Law, Israel, too, has responsibility to exercise restraint and to not use lethal force, except as resort against imminent..

united nations

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has condemned the terrorist attack on in southern Philippines early Sunday, and has called for the perpetrators to be brought to More >>.. ... GENEVA United Nations experts stressed the importance of human rights to..

un chief warns against neo-nazi groups

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres addresses Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony, at the UN headquarters New York, Jan 28, 2019. ... International Holocaust Remembrance Day is global on Jan 27 designated by United Nations in 2005 to commemorate the..

united nations of harassment? 1-in-3 un

United Nations employees have been harassed at work over the past two years, according to first-of-its-kind survey and the figure is even higher for whole-career harassment.. ... UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres wrote in letter to UN staff that the sobering..

un kashmir report after 59 years

UN Secretary General has said, As you can imagine all the action of Human Rights High Commissioner is action that represents the voice of the UN relation to that issue... ... JKCHR in special consultative status with United Nations, continued to flag the profiling of..

un: act on reprisals by egypt

Instead of working on improving its human rights records and ending human rights violations, Egyptian government's response to the UN about these violations has been to deny any and all wrongdoing and to accuse UN High Commissioner on Human Rights and other UN officials of..

united nations archives - global researchglobal

Today, North Koreans heroically in their development, despite the criminal sanctions being inflicted upon DPRK by UN Security Council, in craven servility to US interests... In courageous and brilliant tour de force, Argentine Presidency of UN Security Council availed of the opportunity..

un: denounce china’s abuses in xinjiang

. © 2018 Reuters United Nations member countries should press China about mass detention Xinjiang and other serious rights violations at UN Human Rights Council, today. ... The other countries should support the call of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights for..

/¿un éxodo venezolano?

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has called the ongoing Venezuelan migration crisis unprecedented in Latin America. ... The UN estimates that 1,426,336 people migrated in 2017 alone. Between 2000 and 2017, there was a 41% increase in the number of legal migrants. ..

syria's un envoy slams us-led aggression

Separately, Russia's UN Vassily Nebenzia slammed the presence of al-Qaeda-connected White Helmets wherever they're deployed, saying. ... In his September UN General Assembly address, Lavrov slammed self-proclaimed world leaders political blackmail, economic pressure and brute force to..

narcissistic nationalism: trump’s second un general

The president was speaking to United Nations, and his emphasis was less on uniting the world behind common purposes than demanding respect for the independence and uniqueness of each assembled nation — not least his own. ... In, U.S to cooperate within the UN and to abide by..

the role of the un general assembly

But the assembly has continued to resist deep- seated reforms, reflection of the rift between its many members from the world, and the wealthy nations that serve as United Nations main donors.. In the 1960s, the assembly suspended South African from United Nations..

un hails syrian government victory

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon ©AFP UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed Syrian army's recapture of Palmyra from Daesh terrorists, expressing hope that Damascus government will try to rebuild and protect UNESCO-listed city.. We are encouraged and fortunate that Syrian soldiers..

un envoy meets assad representatives

UN envoy meets Assad representatives Geneva peace talks. camerawoman films Globe outside of United Nations Offices on the day of peace talks on Syria, January 29, 2016, Geneva, Switzerland The UN for Syria Staffan de Mistura has met representatives of President Bashar al-..

u.s. cornered at un, rouhani says

TEHRAN Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday that U.S achieved nothing at UN General Assembly and UN Security Council's meetings... ... U.S was also isolated at UN Security Council's meeting, supported the nuclear deal.. ..

norway caught in a new un conflict

Just two weeks Erik Solheim, was criticized by UN auditors over his extensive and expensive travel, comes news that Norway is protesting how Solheim's wife was passed over for another top UN job last spring.. ... Crown Prince Haakon is also New York for the opening of UN General..

trump delivers fascistic tirade at the united

He boasted of his decision to abrogate the agreement between Iran and P5+1, the US and the permanent members of UN Security Council plus Germany. ... That the US president finds the threat of socialism in his reactionary diatribe before United Nations is indication of the..

trump, at un, says 2nd nkorea summit likely

UNITED NATIONS — Confronting the dangers of North Korea's nuclear threat, President Donald Trump arrived at United Nations on Monday striking far less ominous tone than ago, announcing he likely will hold second summit with Kim Jong Un quite soon... ... Nikki..

un migration pact under attack

Following Austria's of the UN to the accord has also surfaced in Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia and Slovenia. ... Large sections of the electorate no longer regard migration as phenomenon, and therefore the UN pact is just another indication of how far the elites are removed from the..

un: end overbroad foreign terrorist fighter laws

The Working Group on Mercenaries, to UN General Assembly on November 2, 2015, said that recent laws disproportionately restrict human rights and unnecessarily expand surveillance powers... ... Much of its report assesses the impact of laws and policies enacted in response to UN Security..

kerry should head up united nations instead

Kerry should head up United Nations instead.. John Kerry's supposed endorsements from foreign leaders and his expressed belief that U.S policy should be made accordance with the views of United Nations, I may be seeking election to the wrong office.. It seems to me he..

south africa agrees to united nations role

South Africa Agrees To United Nations Role. JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA — The government on Thursday accepted U.N proposals for reviving political talks, rs to violence and amnesty for political prisoners. ... The acceptance of United Nations proposals, could clear..

ortega stood ground against reagan at un

The leader of Sandinista government was visible, and accessible -- addressing United Nations, making his positions on war and Nicaragua clear, over and over, ers and editors. And his strategists sought to avoid the embarrassment he suffered on visit to New York and United..

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