britain: ‘socialism 2019’

The working class, Britain internationally, remains the most powerful force the only force capable of fighting for the transformation of society.. ... Forward to the building of mass workers party, as part of the reorganisation and the regeneration of Britain.. ..

when britain died

In  Birmingham, the in UK, Islamic minaret dominates the skyline. Demographically, Britain of today is very different from Britain of the 0s early 0s the common name England and Wales is now Mohammed, including spelling variations such as Muhammad and Mohammad.. The future of..

grim britain

When British people voted for Britain to quit EU, the thing should have been quite Britain quits EU. ... This article was posted on Monday, April 15th, 2019 at 7 11am and is filed under Brexit, Democracy, Empire, Jeremy Corbyn, Julian Assange, Proportional Representation, Switzerland,..

uk bans hezbollah

In banning the organization of Hezbollah, UK joins Canada, U.S., Israel, Netherlands and Arab League. ... On January 31, Britain, France and Germany announced mechanism known as Instrument Support of Trade Exchanges that will allow Iran and EU to keep trading despite the US sanctions and..

islamized britain

because she is Christian, in part because the UK authorities are afraid of how Pakistani Muslims living Britain will react.. ... Britain does nothing, Italy, under the leadership of Christian, Matteo Salvini, takes action to save the life of Christian martyr Asia Bibi.. ..

united kingdom

Call on UK to Protect Schools *GOOD NEWS On April 20 the UK formally pledged to protect schools wartime by joining Safe Schools Declaration.  --------------------------------------------------------. ... It's Britain joined 73 other countries and endorsed Safe Schools..


Beginning at one minute to midnight on the May, General Strike shook the ruling class of Britain to its foundations. ..

uk polling report

Jon Mellon and Chris Prosser from British Election Study team have written new post and paper on the emerging evidence from BES data on what went wrong with the polls. ..

uk: put genocide suspects on trial in britain

- The United Kingdom should prosecute four Rwandans accused of participating genocide instead of sending them to Rwanda for trial, said Human Rights Watch today. ... Prosecution for genocide would not be possible under UK June 2001, and is limited to people in UK at the..

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