can u.s.-taliban peace talks end the war in afghanistan?

These meetings, especially the recent “intra-Afghan dialogue,” are a positive step, experts say, but still far from the formal negotiations needed for a peace deal. . ... Intra-Afghan dialogue. Washington has urged Afghan government and Taliban leaders to begin official talks on how..


TEHRAN - The intra- Afghan consultations Russia's Moscow give message that all the in the event are united in the desire to see the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, Abdul Salam Hanafi, the deputy head of Taliban's Doha, ers on Wednesday... ..

the poverty of political marxism

This leaves numerous questions over how far this picture of intra-lordly unity going back to the eleventh century stands up when tested against the evidence of the intervening years. What, for example, explains the fits of English intra-lordly struggle during the Hundred Years War or the War..

what world do we seek?

And, does that signal democratization of the process or cynicism as to the likelihood of organized, intra-government, solution to the climate catastrophe.. ..

the united arab emirates in the horn of africa

Competition between United Arab Emirates, on the one hand, and Qatar and, by extension, Turkey on the other has aggravated longstanding intra- Somali disputes between factions in the capital between Mogadishu and the regions and between it and the self-declared Republic of Somaliland. ..

anti-terror fight now topping talks agenda: syria

Syria's to the United Nations and head of Syrian to the intra- Syrian peace talks Geneva says fighting terrorism should top the agenda of the ongoing negotiations, shortly after bomb attacks killed dozens of people in the country's western city of Homs.. ... The new round of the UN-brokered..

press encounters

Rimbo, Sweden - Joint Press Encounter with Swedish Foreign Minister and Special Envoy of Secretary-General for Yemen Martin Griffiths on Intra- Yemeni Consultations December 2018. ..


Religion presents Pulitzer Center reporting on these themes from throughout the world—from the explosive growth of megachurches in Africa and Latin America to intra-Islam schisms of the Middle East, to the self-immolation of Tibetan Buddhist monks and Buddhist soldiers running roughshod over the..

muslims killing muslims

Yes, the intra-denominational slaughter that has characterized Iraq's descent into what some call a civil war hit Pakistan especially hard, killing up to 136 people and injuring another 250. ... Intra-denominational wars have raged for ages, according to Dr. Henry Munson Jr., the chairman..

high court narrows voter rights

But a federal appeals court upheld Hawaii's arguments that it had compelling state interests such as preventing intra-party feuds from being carried into the general elections, allowing unopposed primary election winners to be immediately seated, and prohibiting late-blooming general election..

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