By supporters of terrorist group against, TEHRAN - The Iranian ministry summoned Dutch Ambassador to Tehran Jacques Werner to protest at the attack Iran's in Hague.. ..

un court orders us to lift some iran sanctions

Mohammed Zahedin Labbaf, second left, agent for Islamic Republic of Iran, waits for judges to enter International Court of Justice, or World Court, The Hague, Netherlands, Wednesday, Oct 3, 2018, where judges ruled on Iranian request to Washington to suspend sanctions against Tehran By MIKE CORDER. ..

monthly review

Ernest van den Haag puts the point in a nutshell: “Our society may not treat the creator of great works of art much worse than he was treated in the past. ..

execution puts md. with 22 other states

With some 24,500 homicides and 38 executions last year, Mr. van den Haag said, the death penalty remains 'largely symbolic' in the United States. . ... 'There is very little we can do about the root causes of crime,' said Mr. van den Haag, a distinguished scholar at the..


Cuba ...

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