President Rouhani also noted the transfer of the US from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the declaration made by US President Donald Trump on his recognition of the annexation of occupied Golan Heights to Israel, and reiterated that the US has also violated the international rules in both Golan..

iron dome batteries in greater tel aviv and the

Iron Dome batteries Greater Tel Aviv and the South against possible hostilities. 99 Views, Iron Dome... ... Therefore, on Thursday, IDF deployed Iron Dome anti-missile batteries in Greater Tel Aviv area of Israel and extra batteries north of Gaza Strip at Ashdod. ..

committee for a workers' international

. ■ Despite government-backed incitement, tens of thousands of Jews and Arabs march in the center of Tel Aviv to protest against the new law  ■ The accusation of 'Palestinian flag scandal is part of hostile spin  ■ Continue to promote struggle against the government ... ..

‘syria war us-zionist plan to save israel’

The US- Israeli plan for regime change Syria gained momentum when Syrian police and protesters clashed in 2011 and then Washington and Tel Aviv used foreign-backed mercenaries to disguise this foreign regime change as sort of democratic rebellion and destabilize the country... Pointing..


The move of United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.. Russia and China entering what they called a new stage of military cooperation.. ..

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