(in)credible allegations.

Nevertheless, Democrats and their media bulldogs used Kelly and Pogrebin’s piece to attack Kavanaugh and delegitimize the Supreme Court. . CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin tweeted that “[f]orty percent of the Republican appointees to the Supreme Court had been credibly..

crisis at the supreme court

As we know now, McConnell's gambit worked did it not hurt vulnerable senators running for reelection, and Supreme Court vacancy held Republicans together and provided the margin for Donald Trump in key states. ... Senatorial brinksmanship over judges and justices is symptomatic of..

kentucky supreme court to decide on death penalty

Attorney General Andy Beshear's office will ask Kentucky Supreme Court Thursday to reverse Fayette judge's rulings that the death penalty is unconstitutional for offenders in that age group because their brains are still developing and they lack the maturity to control their impulses and..

tight race in israeli elections

'Support of CNRP return online will lead to arrest Anyone posting messages supporting the return of Sam Rainsy, the acting president of Supreme Court-dissolved Cambodia National Rescue Party, on media will be arrested, Ministry of Interior announced on Tuesday. ..

uk supreme court to hear more arguments on

LONDON Britain's Supreme Court will continue hearing legal arguments on Wednesday from the government and its opponents on whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson acted when he decided to suspend in the run-up to Brexit.. ... People protest outside Supreme Court of United..

judge for yourself

So sick New York Times was prepared to trash the parts of its reputation it has not already trashed last weekend in pointless attempt to block Trump's for the vacancy on Supreme Court. ..


Responding to his party's failure to pass the electoral threshold in exit polls, Benzi Gopstein, whose candidacy in Otzma Yehudit was struck down by the Supreme Court, said:  'We were right every step of the way. ..

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