trump threatens census delay after supreme court

President Trump says he is looking into delaying the 2020 census, hours after Supreme Court decided to keep question about citizenship off the form to be used for the head count.. ... In development later that same day, organizations challenging the addition of the citizenship question..

qualified immunity: explained

In opinion written by Justice William Douglas, Supreme Court recognized that Civil Rights Act allowed Monroes to sue the officers for violating their constitutional rights. ... Abbasi, Supreme Court granted qualified immunity to several high-level officials, Arab and..

supreme court orders lower court to rehear bayview

Last week, Supreme Court ruled that 40-foot cross erected in 1919 as World War I memorial on public land did not violate Constitution's in 7-2 decision.. ... Pensacola's attorneys attempted effort last year to try to merge Maryland Peace cross and Pensacola's Bayview Cross before..

supreme court affirms ‘peace cross’

Perhaps, and Supreme Court communicated on June 28 that the ruling will have immediate impact on some similar cases, instructing that lower court must reconsider its decision that ordered the removal of World War II-era Pensacola known as Bayview Cross.  .. ..

u.s. supreme court to hear trump bid to ditch

Supreme Court on Friday agreed to decide whether President Donald Trump acted element of his immigration policies.. ... The legal question before Supreme Court is whether the administration followed law called Administrative Procedure Act Trump's plan to end DACA. ..

us supreme court declines alabama bid to restore

Supreme Court on Friday sidestepped major new challenge to abortion rights by declining to Alabama's bid to revive Republican-backed state law that would have banned the procedure after 15 weeks of pregnancy.. ... Anti-abortion proponents had hoped the case would present opportunity to..

clarence thomas urges supreme court to revisit

Washington Justice Clarence Thomas said that while he agreed with Supreme Court's Friday not to hear case on surgical abortions Alabama, he wants the high court to consider rolling back precedent on abortion -- message to the slew of conservative state legislatures. ..

supreme court won’t revive alabama ban on

Supreme Court refused to hear another abortion case Friday out of Alabama in devastating defeat for pro-life advocates and the unborn babies they hope to protect.. ... Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the in 2018, and, on Friday, the high court refused to hear..

trump threatens census delay after supreme court

In defeat for Trump, Supreme Court leaves the citizenship question blocked for now from 2020 census, in part because of the explanation for why it added it in the first place.. ... In development later that same day, organizations challenging the addition of the citizenship question New..

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