In defining “health” the Supreme Court has held that “medical judgment may be exercised in the light of all factors — physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman’s age … All these factors may relate to health.” . ..

supreme court cases

To the contrary, the Act promotes the values underlying both First Amendment and our Constitution by enhancing the 'opportunity for free to the end that government may be responsive to the will of the people.. 2009-2010 Supreme Court term. ..

the government that wasn't

And to protect the Supreme Court from declaring this new law to be illegal, the proposal would include a section protecting his immunity from Court review. ... In response to the police recommendations for prosecution, Likud sought Supreme Court intervention to delay the..

a new beginning for zamfara state

The Supreme Court's decision affirming that All Progressives Congress, APC, did not hold any valid primaries and, therefore, nullified the election of its all candidates during the 2018 2019 transitional elections, uprooted the Sani Ahmed Yerima political group from the state, for now.. ..

of crimes and pardons

In his opening remarks at the first Nuremberg trials in 1945, Robert Jackson, the chief prosecutor for the United States (and an associate justice of the Supreme Court), issued a warning: “We must not forget that the record on which we judge the defendants today is the record on which we..

ending battle over archbishop's remains, state high

But Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arlene Bluth found repeatedly that attaining sainthood, if it does happen, would fulfill the highest of callings for Sheen. . ... The high state court on Thursday published a short entry stating “motion for leave to appeal denied,” and thus brought to..

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