sb-188 discrimination: hairstyles.

On the bases enumerated in this part means or refers to discrimination on the basis of one or more of the following race, religious creed, color, origin, ancestry, disability, disability, medical condition, ation, marital status, sex, age, orientation, or military and veteran status.  . ..

policing is the crisis

This raises the question particularly those who find themselves on the margins due to race, class, citizenship status, gender, sexuality, and location, then what is to be done to address the very real forms of violence that exist in our communities and the insecurity and fear that they..

women’s participation in peace processes

Despite women's contributions to preventing and resolving conflicts, they are often excluded from negotiating tables. Explore original data and country case studies to learn how women have participated peace processes and what effect they have had.. ..

official website of james landrith

Wellcome to he biggest net of activist for change the world, and the most global fith columne, the all countries,international institutions, religions institutions, governments administrations, think-tanks, finance world,univeristies, NGOS, foundations, human rights associattions, womens nationals..

‘vibrant civil society key to democracy’

They are performing their role as doctors, teachers, lawyers, and in many other fields but society still is not giving them their legitimate status. Women are ignored in the decision-making process and they are not promoted to higher positions even if they deserve it. ..


Jeanne Brooks, the director of Fund, worked for New Hampshire Commission on Status Women, where, among other projects, she assisted with Women's Prison Project. ..

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