controversy over sexual violence in conflict at the un

Anticipating fraught negotiations, many civil society activists Germany and New York had urged Germany to skip resolution at the outset, and focus instead on better implementing the commitments Security Council has already made, particularly on women, peace, and security issues. ..

u.n. security council session

Security Council meeting on Middle East and New York City. He focused most of his remarks on Iran, which was subject to United Nations-imposed arms embargo lasting through October 2020. ..

anp calls for national defense and security

NAYPYITAW — The Arakan National Party on Monday proposed abolishing National Defense and Security Council at meeting of the committee to draft amendments to Constitution.. ... In line with its recommendation, ANP submitted proposal to scrap Article 201 of Constitution, body established..

security council press statement on taliban

Security Council Press Statement on Taliban Offensive. Security Council press statement was issued today by Council President Christoph Heusgen. ... The members of Security Council recognized Afghan strong desire for Afghanistan.  ..

security council members regret u.s. decision on

Bashar Jaafari, Syria's permanent to United Nations, attends UN Security Council meeting on the in the occupied territory at the country's request at the UN headquarters New York, March 27, 2019. Most UN Security Council members expressed regret on Wednesday over the..

un / security council mopti attack

President of United Nations Security Council and the head of UN's mission in the country have condemned deadly attack against civilians in Mopti region.. ... delegation from Security Council has been in the country since late last week as part of mission to Africa's..

u.n. security council to vote on rival u.s., russian

UNITED NATIONS - The United Nations Security Council is due to vote on Thursday on U.S and Russian draft resolutions on Venezuela, with Washington's proposal calling for free and fair presidential elections and unhindered aid delivery... FILE PHOTO Members of United Nations..

un: war’s impact on people with disabilities

By people with disabilities in some resolutions about individual countries, Arria meeting of members of Security Council will be the time Security Council had devoted discussion to the impact of conflict on people with disabilities. ... To build on December 3 meeting,..

germany should use un security council role to

Dear Chancellor Merkel, In advance of Germany assuming role on United Nations Security Council in 2019, we at Committee to Protect Journalists, independent press organization, write to request that you use the position to prioritize press freedom and the safety of journalists. ..

security council briefing on the un fact-finding

Ensuring the prevention of such crimes genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity is one of the reasons that United Nations and Security Council were established in the first place.. ... In the face of the acts we have heard described today, this is responsibility that..

the role of the un general assembly

The major bodies are Security Council, Economic and Social Council, Secretariat, and International Court of Justice. ... It elects the nonpermanent members of Security Council and other UN bodies and appoints the secretary-general based on Security..

u.n. security council drafts resolution on air

UNITED NATIONS -- Security Council members were reported close to yesterday on resolution banning all passenger and cargo flights to and from Iraq and Kuwait unless the planes are on humanitarian mission.. ... The proposed ending of all regular air links with Iraq and Kuwait appears to be..

approves resolution on iraq

-led invasion last spring - broke in Security Council and marked striking by Bush administration.. ... the resolution allows for handover of power to new, Iraqi government, without setting deadline as called for by France, Russia and some other members of Security..

libya: new icc investigation needed amid crisis

Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor of International Criminal Court, addresses Security Council on Libya on November 11, 2014.. ... In the face of mounting atrocities, ICC prosecutor should exercise the mandate given to her by Security Council to pursue investigation into..

counterterrorism laws worldwide since september 11

In response to mounting criticism and legal challenges, Security Council has also started to reform the Al Qaeda and Taliban Sanctions List. In 2011 Security Council split the list into two, one for Qaeda and one for Taliban, and modified the regimens for each.. ..

u.n. renews troops for iraq

It also says Security Council would have to consider Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's request, in letter on Dec to Security Council's president, that this is to be the final request for the extension of the mandate for U.S. ... little over ago, Security..

security council approves sanctions

Security Council voted Saturday to impose sanctions on North Korea that are meant to cut off the materials and funding for its nuclear program. ... North Korean, Pak Gil Yon, told the council that his country rejects the unjustifiable resolution and denounced the gangsterlike..

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