is russia-ukraine war possible? — rt op-ed

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine will not escalate beyond minor skirmishes in Black Sea and Sea of Azov.. ... To sum it all up, it seems quite fair to say that war between Russia and Ukraine is in the future, and all we might continue to see is series of small incidents in..

can we please learn from history?

In irony, amidst the hysteria over minor clash between Russia and Ukraine in Sea of Azov, noticed by most of the US media, there was one example of close US- Russian co-operation the US and Russian governments combined to block adoption of the UN report on climate change.. ..

the self-genocide

striking example of media malpractice was coverage of the conflict between Ukrainian and Russian gunboats on November 25, in Kerch straits between Sea of Azov and Black Sea. ..

western war games in ukraine

Having sent troops into Donbass region and annexed Crimea in 2014, Russia is taking control of Sea of Azov. Just to confirm its maritime intentions, last Russia even rammed and fired on Ukrainian ships making their way, via Kerch Strait, from Black Sea into Sea of..

neocons want war with russia and china

But was Putin really Sunday's naval clash outside Kerch Strait, Black Sea to Sea of Azov.. ... Sea of Azov became Russian lake, access to which was controlled by Russia, just as access to Black Sea is controlled by Turkey.. ..

presstv-watch press tv news headlines

Ukraine imposed a martial law in some areas of the country and Azov Sea on Wednesday, after Russia seized its ships. Now Russian navy officials say country’s vice-admiral ship is sailing from the Black sea towards the Azov. . ..

un / ukraine russia

We are going to curb any infringement of Russian sovereignty and territorial integrity including the Sea of Azov and that area. ... He said Russia will “curb any infringement of Russian sovereignty and territorial integrity including the Sea of Azov and that area.” . ..

presstv-uk warns russia about azov sea military

PressTV-UK warns Russia about Azov Sea military presence. The UK has warned Russia against using its growing military in Sea of Azov to destabilize economy, amid allegations that Ukrainian ships being denied access to the waters.. ... Russia and its security forces..


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