a friendship that changed history

Thirty years ago, two men played pivotal roles in helping to speed up the end of Russian President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II.. ... I also was drawn to the idea of exploring and uncovering the riddle of 'The Divine Plan in the lives of Ronald Reagan and John..

apec summit presents stark us or china choices

USS Ronald Reagan, USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Nimitz Strike Groups transit in the Western Pacific with ships from Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force, November 12, 2017. Just the US conducted two-carrier naval drills involving USS Ronald Reagan and USS John C..

the trump regime launched a nuclear arms race

Over 30 years ago, President Ronald Reagan and I signed Washington United States Soviet Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-and shorter-range missiles... In July 1991, Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty followed, proposed by Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan signed by Soviet..

too slow on judicial nominees

Two-thirds of the present federal trial and appellate judges were appointed by Ronald Reagan and George Bush, and many Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford judges remain. ... But the time that happened, Ronald Reagan nominated 20 judges as of October 1 of his first office. ..

in pictures: president george h.w. bush

Bushes stand with Republican Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, in 1980. ... From left, Presidents Bush, Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon stand together at the dedication of Ronald Reagan Library in 1991. ..


American ...

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